Stay on Top of Compliance, without Leaving Encompass

The regulatory burden is becoming unbearable for many mortgage lenders, as they struggle to meet strict requirements and comply with new laws. As risk and costs continue to rise, you’re probably wondering how to keep your head above water.

Ride the regulatory tidal wave with ease

Encompass Compliance Service™ protects you from the risk and high cost of compliance by integrating automatic compliance checks and reporting when you need them–early and throughout every phase of the mortgage lifecycle. Powered by Mavent® technology and monitored by Ellie Mae’s in-house team of compliance attorneys and product compliance experts, the solution automatically performs more than 370 federal, state and local consumer protection compliance reviews.

No more crossing your fingers that the loan will comply. Encompass Compliance Service lets you know when you’re in trouble so you can fix the problem and move on.

  • Reduce risk and save time.
    Automate compliance checks throughout the mortgage lifecycle, improving consistency and reducing the risk variations between loan files.
  • Don’t miss anything.
    Check loans against various complex federal and state laws and regulations.
  • Simplify your workflow.
    Run checks as part of your workflow inside Encompass®—no training necessary.
  • Trust our expertise and experience.
    Rely on the expertise of the Ellie Mae® compliance team.

Built-in reviews include:

  • National Mortgage Licensing System “NMLS” Registration Review
  • Ability to Repay and Qualified Mortgage Reviews and Threshold Tests
  • Loan Officer Compensation Rules
  • Truth In Lending “TILA” including MDIA Tolerance & Right of Rescission Review
  • Federal “HOEPA”, State & Local High Cost Threshold Tests
  • Higher Priced, Subprime, Non-Prime, and Rate Spread Mortgage Loans
  • State Consumer Credit Law Review
  • Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac 5% Fee Review
  • FHA/VA Enterprise Rule
  • Investor guidelines
  • OFAC/SSN Review
  • Home Mortgage Disclosure Act “HMDA” Review including loan level validity and quality error check
  • Geocoding & Address Verification

What Our Clients Say

"Sometimes problems take five or six days to fix in post-closing, when you could have fixed it in five minutes up front if you knew about it. Encompass gives us the visibility we need to identify problems early, so in the end, there’s really nothing to do but close the loan."
AJ Franchi
Chief Information Officer,
Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group

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