More than end to end, Encompass is all-in-one

Many LOS vendors boast “end-to-end” solutions. But look closely and you might see just a chain of various third-party technologies cobbled together to cover the loan lifecycle. Look closely between those chain links and you’ll likely find critical gaps and shortcomings that risk incorrect data, compliance violations and added cost.

Enter Encompass by Ellie Mae. Built so you can succeed in today’s highly competitive, highly regulated market. Fully connected, so you have one system of record for all your loan data. All-in-one, so you can review compliance, ensure quality and improve efficiency at every loan stage.


Comply with confidence no matter what regulators throw at you.

One loan can be subject to hundreds of regulations—a burden for even the most well-staffed compliance team. Automate compliance with technology supported and maintained by Ellie Mae’s industry-recognized compliance counsel and experts.

  • Automatically review loans for potential ATR/QM, HOEPA, HMDA, FHA, TILA and NMLS violations.
  • Receive instant alerts to RESPA, MDIA, HUD and LO Compensation concerns.
  • Correct mistakes before they jeopardize closing dates or profit margins.


Originate higher-quality, more profitable loans faster.

Loan quality. Investors demand it, and you’re on the hook to deliver. Meet today’s heightened quality demands with ease using the best-practice workflow provided by our Total Quality Loan® (TQL®) program in Encompass:

  • Produce higher-quality, compliant loans that investors can buy with confidence.
  • Quickly get your loans purchased and off your warehouse line.
  • Easily export proof of ATR/QM compliance to investors or for audit purposes.


Work quickly, work correctly and close loans faster than ever.

With origination costs now eclipsing $7,080 per loan according to the MBA, high efficiency is the key to staying productive and competitive. A MarketWise Advisors study revealed that lenders using Encompass achieved:

  • $970.14 potential savings and value per loan
  • 477% projected ROI
  • Average payback period of 2.64 months

Discover the all-in-one difference

“The business rules that Encompass offers allow us to run data quality checks along the way, which is really important for us to ensure that we have a high-quality product coming out of the back end, and that we have the appropriate stop gaps so that each role in the process is doing exactly what they need to do.”

Christy Rushing
SVP of Information Technology
On Q Financial

Lend how you want to lend. Grow how you want to grow.

& Loan Quality

Uncomplicate loan quality and compliance.


Deliver trades that meet agreements and maximize profits.


Eliminate paper and originate with total efficiency.

& Analytics

Make sure your business, branches and employees are firing on all cylinders.


Focus on closing loans, not IT tickets.


Get the returns that move you forward.