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Ellie Mae® Digital Lending Platform

A true digital mortgage experience for all your customers, all in one place

The Ellie Mae Digital Lending Platform helps you streamline your entire lending or investing processes with improved efficiency, higher quality, and full compliance. As a result, your customers or members get a more seamless experience and you get better ROI, all from a single system of record.

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Flexibility for every channel

Flexibility for every channel

Technology that lets you manage your business, your way

The Ellie Mae Digital Lending Platform meets the unique needs of all your channels so you can support the needs of all your customers or members. It’s specifically designed to address the key functions of your business, including the related players in your digital lending and investing processes.

Channel-specific solutions include:

The bottom line

The bottom line

Game-changing ROI that beats the averages

The mortgage industry’s average loan origination cost is $8,957, primarily attributed to many lenders not using a tightly integrated, all-in-one solution. Ellie Mae customers substantially reduce these costs by leveraging a single system of record. As a result, they save an average of $813 per loan, and close those loans seven days faster. This equates to an average annual ROI of 698%.

Ellie Mae Digital Lending Platform

Some of our customers

Academy Mortgage Corporation
Chemical Bank
Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group
TruHome Solutions
J. G. Wentworth Home Lending
Direct Mortgage Loans
Waterstone Mortgage
Eagle Home Mortgage
Alcova Mortgage
LeaderOne Financial Corporation
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.

“We increased our volume by 40%, and did it with less staff. A lot of that has to do with the technology.”

Becky Helvey

SVP, Administration, Prosperity Home Mortgage