Acceptable Use Policy

This Policy describes the acceptable and prohibited uses of the AllRegs Online subscription web site located at* as well as all custom publishing websites hosted by AllRegs. The intent of the Acceptable Use Policy is to maintain the integrity and performance of the web site. Our service is a designed as shared service for individual users and our web site provides a shared environment used by a community of users. As such, it is important the each user and subscribing organization use the web site in a way that does not affect other users. We do not make any promise, nor do we have any obligation, to monitor or police activity occurring using the web site and will have no liability to any party, including you, for any violation of the Policy.

The examples described in this Policy are not exhaustive. By using the site, you agree to the latest version of this Policy. If you violate the Policy or authorize or help others to do so, we may limit suspend or terminate your use of the web site.

Responsibilities of Authorized Users

All users of the subscription services must be authorized through a subscribing organization. Authorized users must be persons not machines. The AllRegs service provides sufficient capacity for an excellent customer experience assuming a human user is accessing the service. Limiting access to human users ensures that AllRegs can maintain the high degree of reliability, ease of use and access that comes with the excellent customer service that AllRegs is widely known for, and prevents the degradation of customer service associated with machine access. Authorized users are responsible for maintaining the security of their login credentials to the subscription services. Authorized users agree to abide by the terms and conditions of the subscription agreement entered into by the subscribing organization and to the terms and conditions of the end user license agreement.

Authorized users will not:

  • Allow any unauthorized user to access the subscription services at any time by sharing their user id and password with anyone outside of the subscriber organization.
  • Attempt to probe, scan, or test the vulnerability of the web site or to breach any security or authentication measures used by it.
  • Forge TCP-IP packet headers or any part of a packet describing its origin or route.
  • Copy information from the user interface of the web site and distribute it to any unauthorized user.
  • Use automated means (such as harvesting bots, robots, web crawlers, or spiders) to access pages or collect content on the subscription web site. The pages accessible after logging into the subscription web site are intended to be viewed by persons (not machines or devices) who are authorized users.
  • Inundate the web site with requests so as to impair the site’s ability to respond to page requests from other users.

Excessive use of system resources by automated machine access not only harms the customer experience, but also puts an unnecessary strain on our capacity and system resources, which leads to higher costs. This unauthorized use puts undue load on the system and would require additional resources and a new capacity model to facilitate this type of usage without impairing the quality we seek to provide to authorized users. To minimize these costs to AllRegs and our authorized users, we reserve the right to implant restrictions on use, make changes to this Acceptable Use Policy, and, where we unilaterally deem necessary, suspend or limit services.

Suspension or Limiting of Services

We reserve the right to limit, suspend, or terminate the use of the service by individual user, IP address or the entire subscribing organization without notification for any reason, including if users engage in conduct in violation of this policy. In addition, we may take any other appropriate action against a user, IP address or organization for violations of the Policy. Any action taken by us under this Acceptable Use Policy, is made solely within our discretion and shall not be subject to modification or agreement with any person. Generally speaking, the first step will be to control a user’s access to the site by limiting a user to a specified number of logins during a specified time period. If we deem this limitation in effective, then access to the AllRegs service may be suspended, including preventing access during peak periods (e.g., 5 AM and 8 PM central time). We may change in our discretion the number, duration and time of access. If limitation and suspension of service are ineffective in preventing the negative impact of a user’s unauthorized use of the site, or if that user is found to be a repeat violator of the Acceptable Use Policy, that user’s access to the AllRegs service may be terminated in our sole discretion.