Is That A Point and Shoot Camera?

Recently my wife and I made a bike ride in San Francisco across the Golden Gate bridge and into the quaint town of Sausalito. It was about 8 miles, and great views the entire way. So much different experience than driving across the bridge in a vehicle.

Once we arrived in Sausalito we ate some pizza and toured the local sites. It was amazing how many tourists were taking photos with point and shot cameras. Not the high-end cameras used by professionals and amateurs alike, but the small simple camera about the size of a cell phone. We were surprised, and realized with the advances in smart phone technology, a point and shoot camera is indeed a rare sighting. It still works, but there is a better option!

Ellie Mae just recently released Dynamic Data Management (DDM), which is also a better option. The Advisory Consulting group is helping customers analyze existing business rules and closing cost templates to identify opportunities for customers to transition to DDM. That does not mean the current rules and templates are necessarily broken, simply there is a better way. The table capabilities within DDM allow for more streamlined configurations, easier update processes, and ability to scale with ease.

Ellie Mae is here to help keep your Encompass system running smoothly with our Dynamic Data Management offerings. We can help you with the analysis, the conversion to DDM, or both. And the net result is generally yield recurring annual benefits.

The Advisory Consulting DDM offering helps customers by providing Encompass System Administrator subject matter expertise. Click here for more information on how Ellie Mae can help with one-time projects, custom projects, and operational support, or contact your Relationship Manager.

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