Why We Acquired Capsilon

At Ellie Mae, our North Star is to automate everything automatable within the mortgage industry.  We are constantly talking to—and more importantly, listening to—our customers and other members of the mortgage lending ecosystem to ensure that we have the best set of solutions to help drive down costs and time of loan origination, acquisition and servicing, all while ensuring the highest levels of compliance, quality and efficiency.

To do this, we often turn to our talented employees at Ellie Mae to build the technology in-house.  Other times, we look to our extensive network of partners to collaborate and develop solutions for the benefit of our customers and hopefully, our future customers. 

But sometimes we identify other companies in our industry that are doing amazing work and it simply makes more sense for us to acquire them—for their technology, their talent and the relationships they’ve established. When we started to focus on key areas to bolster the strategy and offerings of our Encompass® Digital Lending Platform, namely around data and intelligent automation, one company stood out as a great fit to become part of Ellie Mae: Capsilon.

So much of what we envision for the future requires data-driven services and intelligent automation.  From our solutions that build on the foundation of the Encompass Digital Lending Platform like Encompass LO Connect™, Encompass Developer Connect™ and Encompass Data Connect™, to invaluable partner services built on APIs that enable workflow management, pricing engines and authentication services… the need for robust data, AI and machine learning infrastructure and capabilities has never been more important to Ellie Mae, our customers and our industry. 

Capsilon delivers on all of these needs and provides a new suite of tools and technology that will add to our innovation going forward. As the leading provider of AI-powered mortgage automation software, Capsilon’s data automation, data validation, AI & machine learning capabilities will allow our lenders and servicers across all channels to save hours of manual work for each loan, drive down costs, and allow them to drive efficiency and deliver better experiences for their customers.

The great news for our customers is that there is no product integration work that needs to be done to capitalize on the benefits of Capsilon’s technology.  We already have foundational integration between Encompass and Capsilon IQ. This will allow us to deliver immediate value that will only improve over time as we make the integration even more seamless to our suite of solutions.

Capsilon’s best-of-breed platform, Capsilon IQ, is used by companies across the mortgage industry, including six of the top 10 originators, correspondent investors and servicers, to automate manual work and power their businesses with trusted data. By automating critical business processes, we will be able to create huge efficiencies for our customers throughout the mortgage lifecycle.

You can read the full press release about our acquisition of Capsilon here

On behalf of Ellie Mae, we welcome Capsilon to the Ellie Mae family and look forward to exciting times ahead! 

Jonathan Corr

President and CEO, Ellie Mae

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