Spreading the Ellie Mae Love

At Ellie Mae, we’re known for being the best at what we do—and having a blast while doing it! We take company culture seriously and pride ourselves on finding not only the best person for the job, but the best person for the company, to help our customers deliver on the American Dream of homeownership.

Ask anyone what they love about working at Ellie Mae, and the answers will be as varied as the people and roles across the company. We recently hosted a “Share Your Why” campaign to showcase why people love working at our company, so we thought it only appropriate around Valentine’s Day to give you a sampling of some of our favorite responses to get you in the spirit of the holiday:

People: I am thrilled to work with an incredible group of bright, passionate, and caring people here at Ellie Mae every day. -Jonathan Corr, President & CEO, Pleasanton

Significance: I like to think that my legacy is not the software we build but the way we help shape the industry and the relationships we forge both internally and externally with our clients and other stakeholders that will be remembered long after. -John Haring, Director, Product Management, Pleasanton

Vision: I am glad to come to work every day to a place where I know not only are my skills valuable, but my personal philosophies are as well. -Julia Matushenko, Administrative Director, Minsk

Family: You can't choose your personal family, but you can choose your work life family—Ellie Mae is my chosen family! -Trevor Grant, Senior Director, CRM Client Management, El Segundo

Industry leadership: Ellie Mae is an influential industry leader that cares for its employees and gives back to their community. I am proud to say that I am a part of the team! -Juliet Overton, Manager, Compliance Systems, Pleasanton

Growth: Having a job with a company I believe in, with team members I trust, and with the knowledge that I can continue to grow, makes it pretty easy each day to make it in to work. -Kevin Bell, Business Administrator for Engineering, Cloud, and InfoSec, Pleasanton

Challenge: I revel in the challenge of making the multitude of available data points at Ellie Mae useful to my co-workers. Having a job where I have to solve problems, think hard and help others do their job better is about as good as it gets. -Jaime Mas, Senior Data Informatics Analyst, Calabasas

Caring: I am excited to be a part of a company like Ellie Mae that is moving in a progressive direction, has a vision that is shared with the employees and cares so much about the communities their teammates live in. -Sally Sapikoski, Director, Technical Support, Omaha

Respect: I feel truly blessed to work for such an amazing company that respects and values its employees not only for their talent but on a personal level. This speaks volumes of who we are as an Ellie Mae family and how our clients perceive us. -Ines Virga, Senior Product Pricing Analyst, Parsippany

Positive outlook: It’s exciting to be a part of the team that is bringing together the best products in the industry to drive efficiency through intelligent automation and provide overall fantastic customer and borrower experiences in the mortgage process. What a great outlook here at Ellie Mae going into 2020 and beyond. -Matt Archer, Customer Success Manager, San Francisco

So now that we’ve shown you the love, find YOUR why and join the team at Ellie Mae!

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