Experience 2016: The Power of the Platform

Jonathan Corr took to the stage at Experience 2016 flanked by super heroes and ready to ignite the audience with a look back at 2015 and a view our roadmap for the year ahead. Jonathan discussed the year that was RESPA-TILA and the changes in regulation that have impacted the entire mortgage industry. He highlighted some of our key solution developments, including the launch of the Ellie Mae Compliance Management System, our next generation Encompass CRM and the long-awaited launch of Encompass Mobile. And finally, Jonathan previewed the Encompass Platform, our technology vision for the future. Over the last 12 years we’ve built an incredible ecosystem around Encompass that includes a network of customers and partners that are benefiting from our innovation. Going forward, the team at Ellie Mae will build an open platform that will allow us to expand our ecosystem further, and to expand the products and services that are available.

Watch Jonathan’s keynote here and learn more about the future of the Encompass Platform and our great innovations that are available to you today.

Experience 2016 Keynotes - Jonathan Corr

And click here for photos, videos and presentations from Ellie Mae Experience 2016: http://www.elliemae.com/experience/2016/attendees/#keynotes

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