Experience 2016: Answering the question of “why?”

Jonas Moe’s keynotes at Experience are always a crowd pleaser. In 2015, our vice president of market strategy had a dinosaur join him on stage to represent the size and scale of RESPA-TILA, the regulatory beast that needed taming. This year, his keynote focused on the road ahead and answered the question of why we innovate. Why we do what we do every day?

Today, we innovate to make the home buying experience better. He shared a recent survey that suggested that rather than get a mortgage:

23% of people said they’d rather gain 10 pounds
12% would rather spend a day with the person they hate most
7% would rather get a root canal
7% would rather spend a night in prison

And what about the future? Jonas shared his thoughts on the changing face of the homebuyer. Data suggests that the millennial generation, the largest population, is just reaching the tipping point of homeownership. Of the 87 million millennials, 91% say they intend to own a home. That’s 79 million would-be homebuyers. We can’t just innovate for the 2016 homebuyer. Our why needs to look to this new population and their needs too.

So I invite you to take a moment to watch Jonas’ keynote to hear more about emerging markets and our roadmap for product innovation:

Experience 2016 Keynotes - Jonas Moe

And click here for photos, videos and presentations from Ellie Mae Experience 2016: http://www.elliemae.com/experience/2016/attendees/#keynotes

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