Experience 2017: Wednesday Recap

As our second day of General Sessions at Experience draws to a close, we turn our focus to the major takeaways of today’s events. Here’s a look back at a few of the highlights:

Today’s General Session began this morning at 8 a.m. Keynote Speakers Jonas Moe (VP, Market Strategy, Ellie Mae) and Bill Cowher (Super Bowl-winning Head Coach and CBS NFL Analyst) spearheaded the session as major announcements were made on Ellie Mae’s behalf and inspirational words were spoken to an audience of hundreds.

Jonas’ exciting keynote demonstrated the power of original thinking, the power of innovation, and the power of the possible. He expressed that Ellie Mae’s Encompass® Digital Lending Platform is the platform and the innovation that is going to give our customers the solution to completely customize their experience and help them close more loans quicker. He called on fellow Ellie Mae employees Kevin Li (Director, Product Management), Shawna Adams (Sr. Product Manager), and Stephanie Durflinger (VP, Product Management) to assist with demonstrations as he took a closer look at some of the products that make up Ellie Mae’s Encompass Digital Lending Platform: Encompass Consumer Connect®, which Ellie Mae announced yesterday, Encompass Loan Officer Connect®, and Encompass TPO Connect®, a solution for optimizing wholesale and correspondent channels.

To close out his keynote, Jonas demonstrated the power of the possible in a Real Language Request and Response demo using Alexa and Encompass Loan Officer Connect. He leaves the audience with one resonating thought: “With the platform and the innovation that takes place, we’re giving you the solution to completely customize your experience and help you close more loans quicker. My challenge to you is to join me on stage next year at Experience 2018, to be an original thinker, highlight the possible, and showcase what you are able to create using the Encompass Digital Lending Platform.”

Keynote Speaker Jonas Moe, VP, Market Strategy, Ellie Mae, demonstrates the power of the possible at Experience during Wednesday’s General Session.

Bill Cowher then took the stage and delivered a highly motivational talk to the audience. Bill’s discussion focused on the process of growing and learning while achieving one’s goals, and he spoke of his own challenges and experiences as he grew and developed in his career. He asserted that there are three critical points for success: Everyone needs to have the right game plan, get the right people who can carry out that plan, and find the right approach for achieving those goals.

Bill closes his speech with a final wish for the audience: “I wish you guys a long and successful life…[the experience] is about what you touch along the way.”

Keynote Speaker Bill Cowher, Super Bowl-winning Head Coach and CBS NFL Analyst, inspires audiences at Experience during Wednesday’s General Session.

Following the keynotes, Bill Cowher, Jonathan Corr and Krista Sabol (Client Marketing Manager, Ellie Mae) presented the awards to this year’s Hall of Fame winners. Congratulations to the winners in each category:

  • Exceptional Achievement in Business Growth:
    Alcova Mortgage
    LeaderOne Financial
  • Excellence in Compliance Automation:
    Direct Mortgage Loans
    J.G. Wentworth Home Lending
  • Exceptional Achievement in Loan Quality:
    Columbus Capital
    Waterstone Mortgage Corporation
  • Outstanding Efficiency and ROI:
    Gold Star Mortgage
    Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.
  • Best Implementation:
    Universal American Mortgage Company
  • The President’s Award for Encompass Excellence
    J.G. Wentworth Home Lending
  • Lenders’ Choice for Best Service Provider:
    Closing Corp

Day 2 continued with the Solutions Showcase and Encompass Developer Connect Lab, where attendees could drop in at any time to test drive our new Encompass Developer Connect solution, play around with RESTful APIs in our try-it-now sandbox, and more. The Showcase and Lab were available for participants on Tuesday as well.

In addition, numerous interactive breakout sessions continued throughout Day 2. Ellie Mae product experts, alongside over 50 mortgage industry leaders, led interactive sessions where attendees could gain valuable insights on relevant industry topics including construction lending support, increasing collaboration and success at closing, achieving sharper secondary marketing, and more.

Today, Ellie Mae announced the findings from its Borrower Insights Survey. Of note, the three most important factors for all consumers during the mortgage loan process were Security, Speed, and Simplicity. In addition, when asked what factor would have improved the mortgage process, approximately 40 percent of homeowners indicated they would have liked a faster process with fewer delays. Twenty percent indicated that a shorter, easier to understand application would be preferable, while 11 percent asked for more communication with their lender throughout the process. Surprisingly, after a faster process, Millennials most desired more face to face interaction in the mortgage application experience. More data from the Ellie Mae 2017 Borrower Insights Survey are available at elliemae.com/borrower-insights.

Tonight, we’ll be closing out the day and conference with the Closing Reception at the Sunset Pool from 5 to 7 p.m. We’ll raise a glass and say farewell to yet another successful Experience – until next year!

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