The Experience 2020 Sessions on Topics Most Important to You

Ready to start planning for success in 2020? Explore our newly-announced Experience 2020 agenda now to identify your must-see sessions. Now is the time to start identifying the actionable insights you will take home on the topics that mean the most to you and your organization.

Based on customer feedback, here are a few of our most highly anticipated sessions:

Compliance & Lending Standards Track:

  • Compliance Hot Topics: Join a panel of compliance and industry experts who will highlight hot compliance trends and discuss what’s ahead including: Complying with UDAAP, What's after the 2021 LIBOR Sunset, Cybersecurity standards model law and standard procedures.
  • Qualified Mortgages After the Patch - What Does the Future Hold?: What does the scheduled expiration of the GSE Qualified Mortgage patch in January 2021 mean for the future of Qualified Mortgages? Hear from a panel of lenders and investors as they discuss the various options for Qualified Mortgages going forward and how it may affect you and your lending practices.
  • URLA Readiness – Best Practices for Internal Readiness and Adoption: Learn best practices and how to prepare your organization for adopting the new required URLA changes. For those that have started planning, learn where you can make improvements and create efficiencies.

Consumer Engagement Track:

  • How to Drive Mobile Origination & Loan Officer Engagement: In today’s mortgage industry, 24/7 service is the key differentiator. Learn from lenders who are successfully leveraging technology to capture borrowers online and deliver superior service from anywhere, anytime.   
  • Not All Millennials Are the Same: Understand how to leverage technology and optimize communication to successfully connect with millennials for an amazing borrower experience.
  • Personalized Content is King: Best Practices for Marketing Success: Learn how to personalize marketing campaigns that are tailored to a borrower’s interests to attract and engage customers. 

Industry & Technology Trends Track:

  • 2020 Housing Outlook: We’ve gathered some of our industry’s top economists to discuss topics ranging from politics, to the global economy, to home equity trends. Hear their projections for 2020 to help you prepare and position yourself for success in the year ahead.
  • Are Lenders Being Targeted with Ransomware Attacks?: Targeted ransomware attacks can have devastating impacts on a business. This session will focus on recent data, trends and best practices for preventing, detecting and recovering from large-scale ransomware attacks.
  • Reimagining the Mortgage Workflow: Ellie Mae is on a journey to help lenders further increase efficiencies by moving from a milestone loan processing workflow to a task-based workflow. Learn how you can leverage this new approach and all Ellie Mae has to offer.

Lending Automation Track:

  • Boost Your HELOC Productivity Across the Encompass Digital Lending Platform: Explore how to utilize the Encompass Digital Lending Platform capabilities to boost Home Equity Line of Credit (HELOC) productivity and hear from customers about their experiences in using the new capabilities to increase HELOC productivity.
  • Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Automate Your Processing and Underwriting Workflows: Learn how CapsilonIQ and Capsilon Instant Underwriter can help you leverage Optical Character Recognition (OCR) in conjunction with machine learning and artificial intelligence to automate common data processing and quality control tasks.
  • Leveraging Predictive Analytics to Drive Business Decisions: Learn how to leverage Ellie Mae’s real-time reporting and peer analytics solutions to inform your business strategy, create a competitive advantage, identify opportunities and optimize your business.

Developer Summit Track:

  • Personalizing the LO Experience: Effectiveness & Efficiency [w/ hands-on Coding]: Join this advanced session to learn how you can use JavaScript, Ellie Mae’s Secure Scripting Framework, Web Input Form Builder and the latest customization tools to elevate your loan officer (LO) experience and empower them to provide superior service to their borrowers.
  • API Best Practices [with a hands-on Coding Workshop]: In this session, Ellie Mae architects and engineers will show you how to avoid common pitfalls and manage complex programming concepts such as concurrency, locking, token renewal, and more.
  • Building for the Future: The Next Generation of APIs (V3): This session will introduce you to the new V3 APIs (3rd generation) along with our plans for the future. They are easier to use, reduce your development time, and offer significantly higher performance.

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