The Top 3 Ways Ellie Mae Experience Changed My Career

Sam Lerner, VP, Director of IT, Norcom Mortgage & Insurance

I joined Norcom with 15 years of IT experience, but very little mortgage expertise aside from applying for my own loan. I went to my first Experience conference in 2014 to bolster my knowledge of Encompass, as we had just made the switch from Encompass broker to banker. While there, I witnessed companies doing amazing things with the system with full support from Ellie Mae and knew we had unlimited possibilities at our fingertips. I quickly determined that serving as the Encompass System Admin at Norcom was my new career goal. As soon as I got back to the office from that conference, I dove head first into learning as much as I could about Encompass so that by the end of 2014, I had become one of the first 30 Certified Encompass Administrators and was on my way to becoming a System Admin! Since then, Experience has continued to help shape my career through these 3 key concepts:

• Networking: Ask anyone who attends Experience and they’ll probably tell you the one thing not to miss are the networking events. Whether it's the Experience Party at the XS nightclub, or an impromptu meeting at one of the bars with your account manager and a few of his clients, these are some of the best learning opportunities available. I’ve met people in the business who are closing a few million dollars a month – others, a billion dollars a month – but we are all working towards the same goal: to make the mortgage process as easy and compliant as possible. Talking with peers, you hear about different ways of getting things done that you might not have thought of. To this day, I still reach out to colleagues I’ve met at Experience when I run into a roadblock to see if they have encountered and overcome the same situation. Make sure you bring a stack of business cards and don’t miss out on these unique networking opportunities.

Team Building: Attending Experience with my colleagues has brought us closer together as a team. When we aren’t in sessions, we’re talking about what we learned that day. We also take one night to do a team building event and dinner. Two years ago, we did a zip line, which was a challenge for those of us who have a fear of heights – but it was something that we overcame together, much like an obstacle we might run into during work. I highly recommend bringing your team if possible. It provides a great opportunity away from the office, so that when we return, we’re unified, energized, and ready to pass along what we learned to our management team so it can be disseminated.

Have Fun: While you are there to learn, be sure to have fun! Experience provides such a great opportunity to get away from your daily surroundings and be inspired by what’s new in the industry. Being involved with Ellie Mae has presented me with some unique and fun opportunities over the years. I was able to attend the Ellie Mae Classic in 2016 and at Experience 2017 I was able to work the Ellie Mae Elite booth. I have no doubt that attending Experience has changed my career path and helped me get to where I am today.

Come join us in Las Vegas next week! This is the place you’ll want to be for your mortgage industry news, updates and insights. There’s so much to learn about Encompass and plenty of room for career growth and development. I look forward to seeing you there!

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