Expert Insights: Building Better Customer Relationships in the Digital Age

“Today’s consumers are more sophisticated than ever before, with the ability to compare products, services and companies at unprecedented speeds across multiple devices. The way that lenders can differentiate themselves competitively is by how they connect with and respond to customers when they make contact.”  -Steve Gottschalk, Digital Marketing Expert

How do we create personal connections with our customers when the point-of-entry is digital? And, how do we continue to build the relationship throughout the customer journey? Digital marketing guru Steve Gottschalk’s well-attended talk at Experience 2019 focused on these questions, and the five ways lenders can foster a relationship-building mindset: 

1. Nurture / Build Trust

Create an atmosphere of trust. This starts by understanding your customer segments and structuring profiles around them.

2. Listen

Pay attention to what your customers say and how they act. Dig into their behavioral attributes, including which channels they actually use and respond to. This will help you build a personalized response method that is truly relevant to each customer.

3. Respond

Communicate with customers in the ways they prefer, with timely information they really want. This will allow you to interact in a more timely and persistent manner, without being perceived as too pushy.

4. Follow-Up

Stay in touch throughout the engagement, even if the customer decides to explore other options. The grass isn’t always greener on the other side, and you might have a chance to win back their business. And never underestimate how the power of a simple “thank you” can keep you top-of-mind in each borrower’s journey.

5. Measure Impact

Create, measure, and monitor KPIs to help you understand what’s working now, and how you can better plan for the future to make the most of your time and resources.

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