Ellie Mae’s acquisition of Capsilon enables us to offer the most comprehensive AI-powered end-to-end SaaS solution in the mortgage industry.

Creating Massive Efficiencies Throughout the Mortgage Lifecycle

With the acquisition of Capsilon, Ellie Mae is bringing together two market-leading companies to accelerate our vision of offering a fully digital mortgage. The combination of Ellie Mae’s Encompass® Digital Lending Platform and Capsilon’s AI-powered solutions will dramatically increase the productivity of mortgage lenders, investors, and servicers by automating critical business processes to drive massive efficiencies throughout the mortgage lifecycle.

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The bottom line

The bottom line

Game-changing ROI that beats the averages

The mortgage industry’s average loan origination cost is $8,957, primarily attributed to many lenders not using a tightly integrated, all-in-one solution. Encompass customers substantially reduce these costs by leveraging a single system of record. As a result, they save an average of $813 per loan, and close those loans seven days faster. This equates to an average annual ROI of 698%.

Encompass Digital Lending Platform

Some of our customers

Academy Mortgage Corporation
Chemical Bank
Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group
TruHome Solutions
J. G. Wentworth Home Lending
Direct Mortgage Loans
Waterstone Mortgage
Eagle Home Mortgage
Alcova Mortgage
LeaderOne Financial Corporation
Primary Residential Mortgage, Inc.