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CASE STUDY Gold Star Mortgage Achieves Off-the-Charts Operational Efficiency with Ellie Mae Products
The challenge Find an all-in-one loan origination platform to improve efficiencies, security and data integrity. READ MORE
The solution Automate a previously manual process and gain insight into margins and profitability. READ MORE

The results Reduced processing time, increased visibility and lowered costs. READ MORE
The challenge
Since its founding in 2000, Michigan-based Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group has been committed to delivering unsurpassed customer service to every borrower, corporate client and real estate professional. To accomplish that goal, this rapidly growing multi-state direct mortgage lender has to work as efficiently as possible.

That quest for improved efficiency is the reason Gold Star Mortgage leaders replaced a legacy LOS with Encompass back in 2009—and have been adding Ellie Mae® products ever since.

“We wanted to move to one system of record to improve efficiencies, security and data integrity,” explained A.J. Franchi, CIO of Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group. “We integrated Encompass into our business, and then started adding services. What we discovered was, every time we added an Ellie Mae service, we gained an additional efficiency pick-up.”
Bank Profile
  • Gold Star Mortgage Financial Group
  • Ann Arbor, Michigan
  • $1 billion in loans closed in 2014
  • Needed a single, all-in-one loan origination platform to improve efficiencies, security and data integrity.
  • Saved time on total life of loan
  • Streamlined loan delivery and execution
  • Gained a complete, end-to-end view of loan process
  • Improved data integrity
The solution
Self-Hosted “What we discovered that first year we self-hosted is that it is expensive and time-consuming to maintain the system, the database and to get the level of sophistication required to manage security.”
Add Ons “We saved about $25 per loan by simply using the internal docs engine that was already built into the system. The compliance service enabled us to reduce our post-close issues by catching potential problems early on. We use TQL® to run quality checks upfront and make sure nothing slips through the cracks.”
Implementation “Once we moved to a hosted platform, it really freed us up to focus more on the business end of things and worry less about the technology end of things. We wanted better insight into our margins and profitability, and to break everything out by cost center so we could see how each department was performing.”
The results
With every additional product, Gold Star gained an incremental benefit, improving service, saving time and reducing expense.
Reduced Processing Time

“I think the biggest time savings that we got from Ellie Mae was our total life of loan process. We’ve improved five days on Warehouse line because of the system and the visibility we have into our pipeline,” Franchi said.
Increased Visibility

“We have good exception reporting, so if something gets outside of our system of work, we can push it right back and have it flow through,” Franchi said.
Lower Costs

“When you total all of the incremental savings we’ve achieved through Ellie Mae, it adds up to a savings of about $500 per loan. We’re also positioned to scale up more profitably, as opposed to simply adding volume.“
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