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Digital Mortgage Webinar Series

Showcasing the Technology Powering the American Dream

Interested in closing more loans, faster, and at a reduced cost? Take advantage of the Digital Mortgage Webinar Series to learn how Ellie Mae’s all-in-one solution can help enable more productive interactions between lenders and borrowers.

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If you can’t attend live, watch recent on-demands

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    Hidden efficiencies of the digital mortgage

    Hear how Encompass experts identify and take advantage of hidden efficiencies within the Encompass environments. Learn where to look, and how to go about addressing both common and uncommon Encompass situations. - 12/07/17

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    Maximizing Freddie Mac Tools in Encompass

    Learn how to maximize Freddie Mac tools integrated in Encompass and see how they can help you close loans faster and originate a true digital mortgage. Learn more about Loan Product Advisor, Automated Collateral Evaluation, and other Freddie Mac tools. - 12/06/17

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    All-in-One Intelligent Automation for a Changing Industry

    Digital mortgage encompasses the entire loan lifecycle, from marketing automation to automated investor delivery. Learn how the industry is inviting change and what Ellie Mae is doing to shape it. - 10/11/17

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    Conquer the Purchase-Centric Market with All-In-One Encompass CRM

    Learn how the new Encompass CRM features can take your front-end operations to the next level to originate more loans, faster. - 10/12/17

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    Hear from one of our Ellie Mae experts share some of the use cases for using direct mail to help you gain an edge and how Encompass® Direct Mail can help. - 09/18/17

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    Learn how Ellie Mae’s new Encompass TPO Connect™ solution enables lenders and investors with a central location where TPOs can more easily originate, process, and monitor loans. - 07/20/17

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    Learn the importance of creating a culture of compliance and hear practical ideas for implementation- 07/18/17

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    See how a single system of record can help you ensure data accuracy, add overlays to your investor’s programs, and easily leverage historical pricing and worst-case pricing capabilities.- 07/25/17

What our customers' say:

"Ellie Mae keeps on top of things and offers tools and resources so we can too.”
- Cindy Broady, Sr. Mortgage Loan Processor, Community Bank & Trust

“Ellie Mae presenters always think about the details that other companies would have missed. Love that the SMEs have a lot of industry knowledge.”
- Megan Woods, Encompass Applications Specialist, Summit Funding, Inc.

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