Instructor-led Online Course

This course is designed for participants who have a fundamental understanding of appraisal review and/or have attended the fundamentals course Appraisal Review: The Framework. Participants should be able to define commonly used terms and acronyms used in the appraisal process. Participants should also have some experience in the evaluation of the 1004 and 1004MC to meet agency guidelines and be able to identify inconsistencies, red flags and, changes in the housing market.

What it's about

During this course students will spend time learning the nuances of manufactured homes and 2 – 4 unit properties, as well as appraisals for new construction, properties with repairs and/or properties with renovation along with over improved and non-conforming properties. Participants will also learn about desk reviews, field reviews, AVMs and dealing with a repurchase request from their investor. During discussions and activities students will realize the responsibility both the lender and appraiser have related to the appraisal review process.

Class Schedule

Tuesday August 6,13,20,27 2019 Register
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Upon completion of the course, students will be able to:

  • Analyze manufactured home and 2 – 4 unit appraisal reports
  • Analyze appraisals for new construction, properties with repairs and/or renovations
  • Analyze properties with over improvements
  • Analyze properties that are unique or do not conform to the market
  • Utilizing desk reviews, field reviews and AVMs as part of the review and repurchase request process
  • Recognize lenders’ and appraisers’ responsibilities regarding appraisals

Target Audience:

  • Processors
  • Jr. Underwriters
  • Underwriters
  • Quality Control staff


Upon returning to the office, students will be able to

  • Students will be able to review and evaluate more than just the average 1-4 unit property
  • Students will have the ability to identify what type of property they are underwriting and look for the specific information required information for other types of properties and/or specific property situations.

Program Agenda:

Session One - Topics

  • Review the appraisal evaluation practices learned in Framework class
  • Review a 2 – 4 unit property appraisal
  • Discuss the 7 valuation methods used for 2 – 4 unit properties

Session Two - Topics

  • Manufactured

Session Three - Topics

Unique Property Situations

  • Over improved/under improved properties
  • Single family properties with accessory units
  • Rural properties/Excess acreage
  • Construction-Perm appraisals
  • Properties undergoing renovations

Session Four - Topics

  • Collateral Underwriter overview
  • AVM’s and Field Reviews
  • Appraiser Independence Requirements
  • Appraiser Education and Licensing

Tuition & Registration

The course is $600 per person. Tuition includes all course materials. Upon successfully completing the course, students will earn an industry-recognized certificate of completion.