Encompass Persona Training - Underwriter

This class takes a deep dive into the tasks an Underwriter would typically perform with a loan on the Encompass platform.

What will I learn?

By the end of this class you will:

  • Practice underwriting a loan in Encompass using the associated forms, tools, and services
  • Manage the documents and underwriting conditions in the eFolder
  • Review Encompass underwriting best practices

Classroom Course - $299

Session Information

Encompass Persona Training – Loan Underwriter Session 1
Session length: 3 hours
The session covers the tasks an underwriter typically performs during the underwriting process, including:

  • reviewing forms
  • ordering forms
  • managing conditions in the eFolder
  • completing the UW Summary and ATR/QM
  • communicating through documents in the eFolder
  • completing milestones

Encompass Persona Training – Loan Underwriter Session 2
Session length: 1 hours
This session will demonstrate best practices and tasks typically performed by the Underwriter with the eFolder, such as adding, reviewing, tracking, and clearing conditions. Additionally, completing the underwriting milestones will be covered.

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