Why Ellie Mae Education Solutions?

Because an educated team is an efficient, professional, and ultimately, profitable team.

Encompass Training & Certifications

From courses that help you master the essentials to expert system administrator and developer certification classes, our Encompass training provide the expertise you need to take your skillset and career to the next level.

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Custom Training

Leverage our corporate training expertise to properly assess, diagnose, and train your team around best practices for underwriting, compliance, servicing, origination, SAFE Act compliance, and more.

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Education Packages

A comprehensive suite of mortgage-related courses, with topics covering every stage of the loan process.

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NMLS Continuing Education Library

A full library of courses for meeting federal and state SAFE Act continuing education licensing requirements for most states, districts, and territories across the country.

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Policy & Education Manager

A comprehensive learning and content management system that will help keep your employees compliant with current regulations, agency guidelines and your organization’s best practices.

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Consumer Education Library

A full library of courses covering Home Buyer Essentials, Homeowner Essentials and Financial Facts that helps you provide the right education to match your audience and initiatives.

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