Consumer Education Library

Build Trust, Build Your Business. Educating your customers on the mortgage process is good business. Think about it – a home is the largest and most frightening investment most people make in their entire lives. Ease their path and increase trust by giving them the education that builds confidence and gets origination rolling. AllRegs® by Ellie Mae® Consumer Education Library makes this easy.

Go Beyond the FAQs

A curious potential customer comes to your website. They want to learn how to start the homebuying process. Go beyond the FAQs – be the source that delivers in-depth education to build their confidence and trust.

With 50 courses spanning the categories of Home Buyer Essentials, Homeowner Essentials and Consumer Financial Facts, the AllRegs Homeowner Education Library helps you provide the right education to match your audience and initiatives. And – when it comes to buying a home – the right education can give your customers the confidence to move forward.

What Sets AllRegs Consumer Training Apart?

AllRegs instructional designers work with instructors and subject matter experts who bring day-to-day experiences to our content. Consumer classes are based on education used by thousands of consumers in housing counseling agencies over the past decade. Each course is an independent self-study module that takes between 2 to 15 minutes to complete at their convenience.

What’s In It for Them?

Education builds confidence, and confidence can turn leads into customers. With modules covering purchase, ownership, and financial management, you can deliver the information needed to build that confidence. Course work is extensive, and includes:

  • Are You Ready for Homeownership? (9 min)
  • Financial Benefits of Homeownership (6 min)
  • Understand the Costs of Homeownership (3 min)
  • Finding Your Ideal Home (8 min)
  • Avoiding Homeowner and Homebuyer Mistakes (7 minutes)
  • Where Do I Go for a Mortgage Loan? (3 min)
  • The Loan Application and Approval Process (9 min)
  • Resources and Programs to Assist with Home Purchase (5 min)
  • The Home Buying Team (7 min)
  • Reviewing Loan Products and Programs (12 min)
  • Closing Fees (6 min)
  • Closing Day – The Big Day! (5 min)
  • Identifying Predatory and Abusive Lending Practices (5 min)
  • Why Was My Loan Denied? (4 min)
  • Preparing for Settlement (10 min)
  • Mortgage Professionals in The Home Buying Process (4 min)
  • Choosing a Real Estate Agent (9 min)
  • Understanding Housing and Title Options (3 min)
  • The Importance of a Home Inspection (4 min)
  • Shopping for a Home (10 min)
  • Steps of a VA Loan (10 min)

  • Create an Emergency Plan (4 min)
  • Reducing Energy Consumption (4 min)
  • Getting Involved in Your Community (4 min)
  • Repairs vs. Improvements (6 min)
  • Working with a Contractor (4 min)
  • Planning for Homeowner Expenses (8 min)
  • Establishing a Home Record Keeping System (4 min)
  • Organizing Your Records (11 min)
  • What to Do If You Can’t Make a Payment (2 min)
  • Managing Living Expenses (12 min)
  • Protecting Your Wealth with Insurance (4 min)
  • Financial Mistakes to Avoid (9 min)
  • Introduction to Investing (13 min)
  • Is it Time to Refinance? (11 min)
  • Refinancing Eligibility (5 min)
  • Understanding Foreclosure (4 min)

  • The Four Cs of Credit (8 min)
  • Examining Your Finances (13 min)
  • Setting Financial Goals (9 min)
  • Creating Your Budget and Spending Plan (8 min)
  • Finding Ways to Budget and Save (7 min)
  • The Importance of Saving Money (5 min)
  • The Benefits of Good Credit (6 min)
  • Tips to Improve Your Credit Score (3 min)
  • What’s Included in Your Credit Report (4 min)
  • Disputing Credit Errors (5 min)
  • Tips for Debt Free Living (11 min)
  • Planning to Eliminate Debt (6 min)
  • Building Good Credit (3 min)