Mavent Compliance Service

70 Million Loan Reviews and Counting

Reduce costs associated with loan repurchases, regulatory exams/fines, staffing costs, and borrower remedies.


  • Integrates with leading loan origination systems
  • Includes multiple, automated checks throughout the loan lifecycle
  • Checks loans against complex federal and state laws and regulations as part of your workflow
  • Maintained by compliance attorneys
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Mavent has completed more than 70 million loan reviews for leading mortgage institutions, and can process a mortgage loan in about five seconds. We analyze loan data to determine compliance with more than 370 federal and state consumer protection laws related to mortgage lending.

Our compliance rules, logic and analytics are documented and formally approved by nationally recognized outside counsel. And, we can customize them to meet your license or charter authority, regulatory interpretations and internal compliance policies.

With a laser-sharp focus on quality, efficiency and certainty, Mavent takes care of compliance so you can focus on your business.

Are you prepared for what's coming?

Upcoming regulations:

  • RESPA-TILA Integrated Mortgage Disclosures
  • QRM

What sets Mavent apart?

Legal expertise and quality

Mavent’s in-house legal team and network of nationally recognized consumer credit law firms work continuously to identify and interpret the shifting, complicated regulatory and legal landscape.

Client customization

Mavent’s customizable platform offers the flexibility to maintain complete control of their compliance risk management.

Certainty and efficiency

By ensuring that your automated compliance engine is always up-to-date, Mavent provides institutions with tools to help you meet and manage your regulatory requirements – without hiring extensive staff.


Mavent helps mitigate the costs associated with proprietary system maintenance, loan repurchases, regulatory exams and fines, staffing costs and borrower remedies.