Telemarketing is an efficient and effective way to connect with customers. In doing so, consumer protection needs to be paramount to mitigate and prevent potential risks.

This manual contains sections on calling rules, disclosures, definitions, prohibited acts or practices, and so much more. Read further to learn about product benefits.


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The policy features the following benefits:

  • Complete AllRegs by Ellie Mae Telemarketing Sales Rule Policy Manual, saving you developmental time and resources
  • Meet your regulatory and/or internal compliance requirements
  • Affordable one-time purchase fees

Why you need it:

  • To manage and regulate your telemarketing policy so that you can do business
  • To communicate to your employees the risks and requirements for adhering to the policy
  • Save your outsourcing dollars! When you put our Telemarketing Sales Rule Policy Manual in place, you won't need to hire a Consulting, Quality Control or Law Firm to create your policy.

Policy Manual

Telemarketing Sales Rule Policy Manual From AllRegs