Advertising and Marketing Policy Manual

Advertising and marketing your products and programs are standard business practices. However, there is an ever-increasing risk of Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) and/or Federal Trade Commission (FTC) enforcement actions for unfair or deceptive advertising and for violations of the Truth in Lending Act (TILA) and implementing Regulation Z. There are also numerous regulations and agency-issued guidance for mortgage lending advertising activities based on RESPA, SAFE Act, MARS, MAP rules, Fair Housing Act requirements, HUD-issued guidance for FHA approved lender or mortgagee programs, state laws, and other regulations.


In today's regulatory environment, it is vital that your advertising materials be truthful, non-deceptive, fair AND include all appropriate and required disclosures. Demonstrate your company's commitment to fair and truthful advertising practices by implementing the AllRegs Advertising and Marketing Policy Manual. This policy reflects industry standards and best practices for marketing your products and services. It includes recent changes to laws and regulatory guidance and establishes your policies.

This Advertising and Marketing Policy Manual covers the following topics:

  • Introduction
  • Accountability and Monitoring
  • Staff and Training
  • Related Regulations
  • Advertising Standards
  • Special Types of Advertising
  • Websites
  • Mortgage Products
  • Advertising and Marketing Prohibitions
  • Appendix - Regulatory Guidance


This manual features the following benefits:

  • Complete Advertising and Marketing Policy Manual, saving you development time and resources
  • The policy is delivered via email within one business day after purchase
  • Formatted in a Microsoft Word file
  • Meet your regulatory or internal compliance requirements
  • Affordable one-time purchase fees

Optional Services

Maintenance: Receive regular and ongoing industry updates to keep your policy within regulatory requirements.

Publishing: Publish your manual, including your company procedures, in AllRegs Online to complete your policy manual solution.

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Policy Manual
Advertising and Marketing
Section Title Priority Action
1.1 Goals and Objectives Mandatory Review Include the point of view or culture of your organization in this section, if applicable.
1.2 Required Review Mandatory Review Be sure this accurately reflects your company’s annual policy review process
3 Staff and Training Mandatory Review Include in this section the means by which your organization provides and tracks required training.
4 Related Regulations Recommended Best Practice This section addresses, in alpha order, various federal requirements for advertising. It also includes some investor-specific requirements that you may wish to delete.
4.13.2 Disclosures Required Mandatory Review This section addresses disclosures required under the Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (MARS, Reg. O). For clients who provide this service, include the fee charged by your organization for mortgage assistance.
5 Advertising Standards Mandatory Review Sample language is provided for disclosure scenarios your organization may use. Enhance this with specific examples.
5.6.1 Licensing/NMLS Mandatory Review You must include the organization’s NMLSR ID number in this section as well as well as exact state language, as applicable.
6 Special Types of Advertising Recommended Best Practice This section includes various advertising methods, including best practice for Social Media communications. It is recommended that you customize as applicable.