Compliance, accuracy, and efficiency built in

‭Unlike other document solutions the innovative Encompass Docs Solution is natively built into our Encompass Digital Mortgage Solution so lenders can access all their docs from the same location and:

Create accurate initial and closing docs faster

With Encompass Docs Solution built into a single system of record, changes and calculations are automatic, consistent, and comprehensive. If a document field changes, it automatically changes in the loan file, and vice versa.

Help ensure compliance with minimal effort

Encompass Docs Solution is maintained in part by Ellie Mae’s compliance experts. Compliance reviews automatically run in the background and alert you to potential violations before it’s too late.

Increase efficiency and flexibility

Choose to have documents eSigned, wet signed, or eCompleted, using check boxes, text fields, radio buttons, or initials.

Self audit with ease

Encompass Docs Solution lets you easily conduct comprehensive document and compliance audit tests, and automatically logs the test results for easier access and use.

Improve access and control

View doc lists in seconds, control which initial and closing documents you want generated and how they’re stacked, and add or remove specific disclosures as desired.

Get support for all your loan programs

Including conventional, FHA, VA, FMHA, Construction, and HELOC doc packages.

“Encompass (Docs Solution) gives us the tools to automate processes and streamline our workflow, and also enables us to not only improve the quality of our loans but get those loans to the closing table faster.”

Thomas Knapp
Chief Information Officer, Waterstone Mortgage Corporation