Encompass Docs Solution

Draw accurate and compliant docs, every time.

From initial eDisclosures through closing, enjoy a smoother, more reliable document workflow via a single system of record, backed by decades of compliance expertise.


  • Ensure compliance
  • Keep data/docs accurate
  • Draw docs faster and more securely
  • Leverage a single system of record
  • Configure to your workflow

Make compliance the backbone of your document process

Encompass Docs Solution is supported by Ellie Mae’s industry-recognized compliance experts and counsel. These experts regularly collaborate with the CFPB, GSEs and mortgage investors to analyze and interpret rules to ensure the Solution is properly updated to keep your company compliant.

In addition, comprehensive federal, state and local compliance checks from Encompass Compliance Service are automatically processed for every closing document order.

Ensure data and document accuracy from the start

With Encompass Docs Solution, data calculations are automated as part of a single system of record to ensure accuracy from initial eDisclosures all the way through closing.

Draw docs faster and more securely

Encompass Docs Solution automatically stacks your docs how you want them and keeps them secure in a single eFolder.

Leverage a complete document solution

Encompass Docs Solution provides:

  • Comprehensive compliance audit tests
  • Extensive, query-able online forms library
  • Modern, professional user experience and plan code flexibility
  • Document/compliance support for all 50 states
  • One-click document delivery
  • Intuitive interface and configurable workflows
  • Document order audit logs