Encompass Document Management

Eliminate paper and originate with total efficiency

Securely request, receive, and manage documents with a click of a button.


  • Manage all borrower documents electronically
  • Easily send and track federal and state disclosures for all 50 states
  • Provide borrowers the option to eSign documents
  • Automatically organize documents
  • Keep documents secure within the loan file

Streamline your workflow

Loan officers and processors can work on the same file on the same day, regardless of location. Everything is integrated and consolidated within Encompass in a secure electronic loan folder, or eFolder for a streamlined workflow and fewer errors. You save money by reducing paper costs, and have more time to focus on originating and closing loans.

Keep disclosures accurate and moving forward

Encompass Document Management keeps disclosures moving—automatically. Send and track federal and state disclosures for all 50 states directly from Encompass, and track borrower acceptance or rejection of disclosures using automated emails. And, you’ll be sure you order the right disclosures with automated loan file auditing.

Manage documents electronically

Encompass Document Management simplifies document management by enabling borrowers to view all document requests on a secure site. They can eSign documents and upload them directly into the eFolder, or wet sign and use a toll-free fax back to deliver the documents into the loan file.

All paper documents—applications, appraisals, bank statements, closing packages—are converted into electronic images and stored in the secure loan file with initial disclosures and closing documents in the stacking order you decide. Document recognition and classification automatically assigns attachments to specified documents in the eFolder for added efficiency.

Keep loan files organized and up to date

Encompass Document Management puts every document in one central location where they can be easily managed. Compare documents and loan data side-by-side. View and edit multiple documents at the same time to streamline processing and underwriting.