Encompass Data Connect

The cure for common data challenges

Forward-thinking lenders know that data can hold the secrets to understanding and anticipating the needs of their business, customers, and industry. The challenge is, many lenders today struggle with high data maintenance and development costs that deliver only limited data visibility and availability. Encompass Data Connect is here to change that.

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Do more with your data, anytime and anywhere

Encompass Data Connect provides lenders secure access to their cloud-based, encrypted data at any time and from anywhere. This enables lenders to maximize the utility of their existing reporting, business intelligence, and visualization tools to gain actionable data insights, expand competitive advantage, and innovate their business faster.

  • Access all Encompass loan data fields in near real-time without impacting Encompass performance
  • Audit multiple loans simultaneously without restrictions
  • Get 3 years of historical data right out of the box
  • Reduce manual efforts with automatic database schema updates synced with changes in Encompass
  • Maximize existing business intelligence tools using structured data provided by Data Connect

Building on Encompass Data Connect

The Ellie Mae partner network provides premium business intelligence and data visualization solutions.

Teraverde’s Coheus solution makes it easy for lenders to consume, analyze, and visualize data from Encompass Data Connect. The solution helps lenders increase profitability by providing a clear view of the entire organization at the loan, product, and channel levels.


“Getting access to all our Encompass loan data immediately with Encompass Data Connect now allows us to dive deep into analytics and deliver more accurate and consistent reporting across APMC’s management team.”

Michele Buschman
VP Information Systems
American Pacific Mortgage