The cure for common data challenges

Smart lenders know that data can hold the secret for understanding and anticipating the needs of their business, industry, and customers. Trouble is, many lenders today struggle with high data maintenance costs that deliver only limited data visibility and availability. Encompass Data Connect is here to change that.

Turn data into insights and insights into immediate action

Encompass Data Connect provides near real-time access to loan data fields, so lenders can generate comprehensive, timely reports and leverage that data to gain immediate insights into the health of their business.

Do more with your data, anytime and anywhere

Encompass Data Connect lets lenders securely access their cloud-based, encrypted data at any time and from anywhere. This allows lenders to maximize the utility of your existing reporting, business intelligence, and visualization tools to gain actionable data insights, expand competitive advantage, and innovate their business faster.

Access all loan data fields in near real-time

Easily access current loan data, that includes all changes made programmatically or by a user's actions.

Run optimized, structured queries

Since all fields are always available, the database schema is normalized, consistent and well defined. This helps eliminate manual steps and makes it easier for lenders to understand the data and optimize queries to access data.

Recreate original data as needed

Recreate a copy of original client data in the event of data loss or data corruption in the lender’s data warehouse.

Improve data security

Encompass Data Connect encrypts personally identifiable information fields for enhanced security.

Ensure optimum Encompass performance

Encompass Data Connect decouples data from the Encompass production environment, allowing both solutions to work separately at optimum performance.


  • Faster decision making with near real-time access to all your Encompass loan data
  • Streamlined data access with no impact to Encompass performance
  • Increased automation through machine learning and artificial intelligence
  • Enhanced security with encryption for personally identifiable information

Connecting you to mortgage innovation

Encompass Data Connect is built on our Encompass® Digital Lending Platform so lenders can leverage APIs to build, integrate, and extend new functions and bring solutions to their customers faster.
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