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Better turn times for lenders, easier purchase decisions for investors

Encompass Investor Connect takes the traditional, frustratingly manual loan package delivery process and upgrades it for the digital mortgage age so lenders and investors can:

Improve pricing tiers and purchase times

Using secure document recognition and data extraction technologies, Encompass Investor Connect allows lenders to deliver accurate data and documents directly to investors, resulting in faster purchase decisions, fewer suspense conditions, and improved reputations with investors.

Work faster and ensure accuracy

No more rekeying data. No more staring and comparing. Encompass Investor Connect saves lenders and investors time and money by automatically extracting the important data elements that need to accompany the loan documents.

Easily confirm quality and audit info

Encompass Investor Connect automatically provides an audit report for every loan so lenders can quickly identify incomplete or inconsistent data within the loan and correct the issue before delivering it to investors so they only have to focus on exceptions.

Connecting you to mortgage innovation

Encompass Investor Connect is built on our Encompass Lending Platform™ so you can leverage APIs to build, integrate, and extend new functions and bring solutions to market faster.
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“We saw a four-day improvement in loan delivery to purchase, with no other changes to the process. We have increased our first-pass rate, which puts us in a better tier pricing, and we’re also turning our warehouse faster.”

Thomas Knapp
Chief Information Officer, Waterstone Mortgage Corporation