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The platform for your entire organization

The Encompass Lending Platform™ allows lenders, service providers, and independent software vendors to innovate across their organizations and bring new solutions to market faster.


Develop and customize solutions to improve performance and personalization to create one-of-a-kind experiences that entice and empower customers - and keep them coming back.


Seamlessly connect systems across your organization so users can easily access data, unlock insights, and make smarter decisions using current information.


Easily view and share loan dates, sales pipelines, loan events, and documents, and order services faster. Open APIs let you share, interact, and collaborate without having to create and support new products.

Leverage mortgage-focused APIs

How could you innovate using the current APIs available through Encompass Developer Connect and the Encompass Lending Platform? Here are some ideas:


Create or delete loans; more easily manage loan data fields and values; read, write and update field values on a single loan or multiple loans at the same time; search for loans using specific fields; view your loan pipeline.


Upload and download documents; update document properties; Enables users to upload/download documents, easily attach, assign, or reassign files to specific documents.


Give users the power to access and update borrower and business contact information in the Encompass database.

Custom Data Objects

Allow users to create, store, and manage data that does not have a standard field or custom field associated with it in Encompass. Supports loan, user and global-level custom data objects.


Get notified when specific loan events occur in Encompass.


Give users the ability to order and retrieve reports from credit, electronic verification, appraisal, underwriting, and other service providers.

Innovation at your fingertips: Explore our Encompass Connect Solutions

All Encompass Connect solutions are built on the Encompass Lending Platform and utilize APIs so lenders can customize solutions and improve visibility and collaboration between loan officers, third-party originators, investors, developers, and homebuyers.

Encompass Developer Connect™

Access open APIs and interactive developer tools, documentation, and resources to leverage the power of the Encompass Lending Platform™ and innovate your business.

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Encompass TPO Connect™

Deploy a modern web experience to maximize wholesale and correspondent business, efficiency and profitability.

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Encompass Consumer Connect™

Empower consumers to complete applications online, provide and receive information, order services, and connect with your company on a deeper level.

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Encompass Data Connect™

Uncover actionable insights faster and make smarter decisions by leveraging near real-time access to all of your loan data.

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Encompass Loan Officer Connect™

Give loan officers the ability to update loans, receive alerts, and deliver superior customer service from any mobile device.

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Encompass Investor Connect™

Save time and minimize risk by delivering accurate, compliant, and tamper-proof loan data and documents directly from Encompass to investors.

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