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Encompass NG Lending Platform

The Encompass NG Lending Platform allows lenders, service providers, and independent software vendors the ability to build custom applications in the cloud, integrate external systems and data, and extend Encompass® in order to:

  • Innovate faster Lenders and service providers can build, integrate, or customize solutions, and get them to their customers and market quickly.
  • Access data easier Lenders, partners, and third-party providers gain access to data and systems across the mortgage ecosystem.
  • Extend visibility Easily view and share loan date, sales pipeline, loan events, documents, and order services.
  • Establish consistency A shared system of record allows all parties to see the same up-to-to-date information in the same format.
  • Improve collaboration Everyone in the ecosystem can easily share, interact, and collaborate without having to create and support new channels.
  • Widen competitive advantage Lenders and service providers can differentiate themselves from competitors by using the Platform to rapidly innovate and customize solutions, and then get them to market faster.
  • Offers loan officers the ability to originate loans, move loans forward, and gain instantaneous, secure access to Encompass from any device.

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  • Allows lenders to easily create a custom, engaging, self-service online loan origination experience for consumers. Prospective borrowers gain access to industry research, individualized rates, interactive mortgage applications, and much more.

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  • Offers lenders and investors a modern, collaborative web experience for their Third Party Origination partners that promotes compliance, data integrity, and easy two-way communication throughout the loan process.

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  • Provides software developers with the APIs, tools, and a developer portal to extend Encompass by adding new functions, allowing for easier external integrations, and deploying custom applications in the cloud.

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