Electronic income verification. Elevated.

Borrowers misrepresenting income on loan applications remains a prevalent problem, emphasizing the need for lenders to efficiently verify tax return data on every loan. Typically, this has required a highly manual process. Encompass 4506-T Service is anything but typical.

Encompass 4506-T Service takes electronic income verification to the next level, integrating it into a true digital mortgage process so lenders can easily ensure quality, minimize risk, and close every loan faster through:

Greater automation

Effortlessly order IRS transcripts as part of your origination workflow, without having to access separate systems for websites. When reports are ready, processors are alerted and the report is automatically placed in the loan file for easy access. No more checking and rechecking to see if the report is ready.

Easier, more confident verifications

A built-in income comparison tool automatically provides comparisons of borrower-supplied 1003 data and IRS-filed information and auto calculates the variances, eliminating the need for risky line-by-line manual reviews.

Compliance and quality control

Encompass 4506-T Service provides an automated quality control review on every order to ensure compliance with IRS guidelines, before the request is submitted. No more order delays or rejections.

eSign support

When ordered using Encompass 4506-T Service, borrowers can eSign the 4506-T and it is placed directly into their secure loan eFolder in Encompass. This helps minimize paperwork requirements and speeds time to close.

Best-of-breed options

Encompass 4506-T Service offers lenders the option to order through leading providers:

A critical component to loan quality

Encompass Compliance Service is a part of the Ellie Mae Total Quality Loan® Program, which provides lenders with a best-practice workflow for ensuring a high level of quality, compliance, and efficiency throughout the loan life cycle.
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