Encompass Appraisal Service

Electronically order compliant appraisals in seconds.

Leverage a single system of record and take control of the appraisal process to ensure efficiency and compliance.


  • Ensure UAD, UCDP, ULDD, and EAD compliance
  • Complete appraisal orders in seconds
  • Automatically document appraisal compliance
  • Quickly import documents into the loan file
  • Easily manage AMCs or independent appraisers

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UAD, UCDP, ULDD, EAD. The appraisal process sounds more and more like an eye chart every day, governed by Dodd-Frank regulations that police how you order appraisals and submit them to the GSEs.

Ensure UAD, UCDP, ULDD, and EAD compliance

  • Easily run a quick review and correct any data or UAD compliance issues before submitting to the GSEs
  • Automatically document compliance through electronic tracking and audit details
  • Establish a solid reputation with the GSEs

Leverage the power of a single system of record

Integrated into Ellie Mae’s Encompass® all-in-one mortgage management solution, Encompass Appraisal Service lets originators order appraisals quickly and ensure efficiency, compliance and data accuracy.

Achieve total appraisal efficiency

  • Request appraisals without leaving your software
  • Charge the borrower’s credit card directly
  • Automatically import the appraisal fee, value and other documentation directly into the loan file

Control the whole appraisal process

  • Easily manage AMCs panels or independent appraisers
  • Control which users can order appraisals
  • Track appraisal status updates

Note: Ellie Mae provides technology and connectivity for its Encompass clients to communicate with third-party appraisers and Appraisal Management Companies (AMCs) about performing appraisals for loan files. It is the responsibility of the appraiser or AMC selected by the Encompass user to manage the appraisal process. Ellie Mae is not an AMC and does not administer, review or verify the work of these appraisers or AMCs.