The appraisal service for the digital mortgage age

Appraisals are nothing to fool around with. First, there’s the bevy of regulations and requirements to comply with. Then there’s the need to order submit appraisal requests per your company’s unique workflow, be it through an AMC or your own panel of independent appraisers. The more loans you originate, the more risk and inefficiency can creep into your process.

Encompass Appraisal Service removes the risk and speed bumps. Built into our Encompass Digital Mortgage Solution, Encompass Appraisal Service is the only appraisal service integrated into a true digital mortgage workflow, helping lenders to:

Ensure Dodd-Frank, UAD, UCD, ULDD, and EAD compliance

Run a check for basic errors and compliance issues before submitting to ensure higher-quality orders. Users can also easily submit proof of compliance to GSEs without leaving Encompass.

Lower origination costs

Lenders do not pay any appraisal ordering fees with Encompass Appraisal Service.

More easily manage and track appraisals

All ordering and tracking is done within Encompass as part of a single system of record. Lenders can also manage their own independent appraisal panels, work with AMCs, and customize appraisal workflows from the solution.

Automate more and close loans faster

Submit and review orders in minutes from within Encompass. No need to navigate separate systems or websites, which can take up to 45 minutes per order.