Combat the rising trend of mortgage fraud

Mortgage fraud claims steadily increased in 2017 according to Fannie Mae®, emphasizing the need for lenders to efficiently verify fraud risk on every loan. Easier said than done? We don’t think so.

Encompass Fraud Service takes the fraud review process into the digital mortgage age by integrating it into a true digital mortgage workflow so lenders can easily ensure quality, minimize risk, and close every loan faster through:

Greater automation and efficiency

Effortlessly order collateral or non-collateral based appraisal reviews on every loan without having to rekey data or access separate systems.

Definitive verifications and solutions

With every review, Encompass Fraud Service provides a risk score that highlights specific areas of concern and possible next steps for investigating and resolving fraud risk.

Best-of-breed options

Encompass 4506-T Service offers lenders the option to order through leading providers:

A critical component to loan quality

Encompass Compliance Service is a part of the Ellie Mae Total Quality Loan® Program, which provides lenders with a best-practice workflow for ensuring a high level of quality, compliance, and efficiency throughout the loan life cycle.
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