Encompass WebCenter

Give borrowers a better experience

Encompass WebCenter takes the customer-facing website a step further by integrating it seamlessly with Encompass, creating a fully functioning business center that acts as a direct extension of your software.


  • Get new leads directly into your pipeline
  • Provide borrowers with instant loan status updates
  • Improve collaboration and control across your organization
  • Offer borrowers better service online

Make Your Website More Than A Pretty Face

With Encompass WebCenter, leads flow directly into Encompass®, eliminating manual processes and ensuring accuracy. You can instantly post loan status updates from your Encompass loan file to the WebCenter to keep clients informed and provide them peace of mind.

Get new leads directly into your pipeline

Encompass WebCenter lets you move leads right into your Encompass pipeline with online applications, and post status updates instantly from your Encompass loan file to the WebCenter for easy two-way communications.

Keep Borrowers Informed And Up to Speed

Give your borrowers and partners access to the latest updates on their loans—whenever they choose—and send automated emails to alert them of status changes.

Put Your Website to Work For You

Get up and running in a matter of minutes with a user friendly set up wizard, and easily customize your WebCenter with a variety of themes and templates. Use the site to enhance real-time team collaboration and keep everyone in the loop throughout the loan process. Encompass WebCenter tools and plug-ins help to boost your site’s power and search engine ranking.

Improve Collaboration And Controls

Encompass WebCenter puts everything in one place, helping you maintain corporate control over branch and loan officer WebCenters. Your site’s data and your LOS software are housed in one highly secure place, eliminating the risk of exposing sensitive customer information or losing valuable data.