Ellie Mae Network Testimonial

Discover a best-practice workflow that will improve compliance, quality, and efficiency throughout the loan life cycle. Request a demo today to see how TQL® can help you address risk, quality and consistency.

Ellie Mae Network Testimonial

As part of TQL, you have the ability to order the following services from one screen to more easily and more quickly ensure loan quality, reduce human error and increase transparency throughout the loan lifecycle.

Encompass Compliance Service
A robust engine that allows you to minimize risk by automating reviews for federal, state, and local regulations throughout the loan life cycle.

Encompass 4506-T Service
An automated income verification service that lets you easily order tax transcripts from the IRS and confirm results as part of a single automated workflow.

Encompass Fraud Service
Helps quickly reduce risk exposure with comprehensive, easy-to-use analyses of property and surrounding market data.

Encompass Flood Service
Simplify your workflow and save time with an efficient, automated flood certification process.

Encompass MI Service™
Automatically get rate quotes and request certifications and easily compare rate quotes from specified vendors.