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MBA CEO David H. Stevens: Regulators Must Move Forward or Risk Failure

“It is time for policymakers in Washington to stop looking backward and start focusing on the future, or we risk losing the opportunity of true, sustainable market recovery and may even set us on course for another market failure.”
David H. Stevens, President and Chief Executive Officer, Mortgage Bankers Association, wrote a short piece urging regulators to step out of the past and realize that rebuilt industry stability and consumer trust can propel the mortgage market forward.

AllRegs Guidelines Now Available in Encompass Product & Pricing Service

AllRegs Market Clarity® and investor guideline tools are now integrated within the Encompass Product and Pricing Service™. This gives Encompass users access to product guidelines for the participating investors they currently do business with, plus investors that share their product guidelines on an open distribution basis. With this integration, users can not only see if a loan is eligible but also see the documentation needed to ensure they have the right product for their borrower.
  • More information about this integration is available here.

Customizable/configurable webinar recording

When seeking to maximize efficiencies and ROI from a new LOS, a key question to ask is, “Do I need a customizable solution or a configurable one?” Seeking to answer these questions, Ellie Mae recorded a recent webinar, and they have made it available to the industry.
  • Learn the differences between a highly customizable LOS versus one that is workflow configurable
  • Understand how different mortgage solution providers approach compliance management
  • Get insight from a mortgage/financial services company why they chose an all-in-one, configurable solution
The 60-minute webinar recording features Jeff Benjamin, Sr. Vice President, Sales and Client Mgmt., Ellie Mae, Inc., and Susan McHan, CEO and President, Mortgage Bank, Opes Advisors, Inc.
  • Click here to view the complimentary webinar recording.  

Ellie Mae Online ROI Calculator: Get Straight to the Bottom Line

In the mortgage lending industry, technology and automation can have a powerfully positive impact on the bottom line. But just how much? Leveraging the Ellie Mae Online ROI calculator delivers a quick, clear look at potential profit increases a smart LOS can deliver. Based on the highly respected MarketWise Advisors, LLC model, the calculator can aid decision makers in making their next big technology investment.

  • Lenders may access the ROI Calculator here.