Encompass Compliance Service: Loan Level Compliance Reviews in the Age of TRID
RESPA-TILA (aka TRID, aka Know Before You Owe) is real, so it’s vitally important to ensure all compliance tests and reviews are performed at the loan level to check for TRID compliance. Encompass's built in compliance engine, Encompass Compliance Service™, powered by Mavent®, simplifies the process. You likely already have this solution – now’s the time to utilize its many features.
Encompass Compliance Service automatically reviews and alerts you to:
  • Disclosure Timing Rules, which make sure your timing in sending disclosures to your borrowers falls within the TRID guidelines, including:
    • Loan Estimate Mailed/Delivered Within Three Business Days of Application
    • Loan Estimate Mailed/Delivered At Least Seven Business Days Before Consummation
    • List of Settlement Service Providers Timing and Delivery Date Rules
    • Loan Estimate Disclosure Date on or after Closing Disclosure Date
    • Closing Disclosure and Consummation Date
  • Disclosure Calculation Tests to help make sure the calculations adhere to TRID requirements, including:
    • Projected Payments Table Calculation and Validation Rules
    • Product Description Rules/Product Description Redisclosure Rules
    • Adjustable Payment Table Validation Rules
    • Cash to Close Table Validation Rules
    • Loan Calculation Rules
  • Fee Variance Tests to ensure the fees disclosed to the borrower were disclosed in good faith, along with an indication that the variance will need to be corrected if the fees increase above allowable tolerances.
In addition to TRID, Encompass Compliance Service automatically performs more than 370 federal, state and local consumer protection compliance reviews early and throughout every phase of the mortgage lifecycle. Ellie Mae’s in-house team of compliance attorneys and product compliance experts monitor the regulatory landscape for regular updates and changes.
For more information, please contact your Ellie Mae Account Manager.

    Product and Pricing: Thousands of Guidelines at Your Fingertips, Coming Soon in Encompass
    AllRegs® by Ellie Mae curates a vast, comprehensive, accurately maintained online library of thousands of government guidelines and forms. In early November AllRegs Market Clarity guidelines will be accessible from Encompass Product & Pricing Service with the click of a button. You will also have access to Market Clarity’s detailed product summaries and investor bulletins, all from within Encompass Product and Pricing Service.

    The AllRegs by Ellie Mae® guideline library consists of thousands of pages of government and conventional lending guidelines – including Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, MPF, FHA, RHS, VA, MIs, GNMA, Approved Projects, Federal Compliance, CalPERS, and State Compliance Guidelines – in a comprehensive, searchable online database. Accurately maintained, and loaded with a variety of easy-to-use features, you’re assured of fast, reliable answers when you need them.

    An invaluable business intelligence tool for upstream investors and correspondent lenders, AllRegs Market Clarity helps you manage risk and identify market opportunity while giving you the tools to establish and maintain a competitive edge. And it saves you time. A searchable solution for comparing up-to-date product, investor, and overlay information, Market Clarity can help you find in minutes what used to take hours.

    Contact your account manager to learn more.         

    Image Manager for Encompass Docs Solution: Load Your Logo
    Image Manager, a component of Encompass Docs Solution, allows you to upload your company logo onto to the header section of the Loan Estimate forms. It’s simple. Here’s how.

    1. Click the Browse button and select your logo file. Once uploaded, a thumbnail of your logo will appear.
    2. Click the thumbnail for a preview of the how the will look on the loan estimate.
    3. Click Submit to save your logo. 

    Take advantage of this new feature – your personalized form will help drive your brand and build your customers’ confidence.

    Contact your account manager to learn more.         

    RESPA-TILA: Ease the Pain with FAQs – and Answers – from Ellie Mae
    Authored by the Ellie Mae® team of compliance experts, this online resource pulls together key RESPA-TILA questions and delivers clear, concise answers that can help you better understand and more effectively get through this learning phase with minimal grief. It’s direct and comprehensive – and it’s online now. 
    Expand Your Encompass Expertise
    This February 29 – March 2, Ellie Mae Experience 2016 will bring together an entire community of mortgage industry professionals dedicated to learning, growing, and sharing. Registration is open. And if you sign up now, you’ll get the $300 early bird registration discount. Nominations for the Ellie Mae Hall of Fame are also open.

    Connect with us, connect with your peers, connect with your technology, connect with the entire experience – visit the Experience website to:
    • Take a look at the educational opportunities – six role-focused user tracks combining for a total of 24 interactive learning sessions
    • Nominate your innovative company for an Ellie Mae Hall of Fame Award
    • Register in time for the early bird discount
    You’ll also get details on expanded learning opportunities, keynote speakers, networking opportunities and more. 
    Ask A Regulator: Answers Right from the Source
    Fifty states, 50 sets of regulations – it can be overwhelming. Understanding what’s important in the ones where you do business is essential, and getting your answers straight from the regulators themselves is outstanding, so we made it happen. 

    Every year regulators from across the country gather at the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators (AARMR) Annual Conference to discuss our industry and answer questions related to the regulations they’ve authored and put in place. And every year we put together a list of your most pressing questions.

    LoanSafe Fraud Manager Now Live in TQL and Encompass Fraud Service
    CoreLogic® LoanSafe Fraud Manager™ is now available in Encompass Fraud Service, a core component of the Ellie Mae Total Quality Loan (TQL™) program. This means you can choose the report that fits your business need – LoanSafe Fraud Manager or LoanSafe Risk Manager – or bundle them to leverage the power of both.

    LoanSafe Fraud Manager is an industry-leading fraud detection tool that employs patented, pattern-recognition fraud scoring and unmatched consortium and data alerts. LoanSafe Risk Manager provides lenders and investors with predictive collateral and fraud risk scores and alerts.

    Encompass Fraud Service provides comprehensive, easy-to-review analysis of property and surrounding market data, as well as a collateral or non-collateral report so you can quickly determine the level of risk involved. It is fully integrated into Encompass and available via the TQL Services screen.

    In November we will be hosting a product overview webinar showcasing the power and efficiency that Encompass Fraud Service delivers and going over how it works. Look for that invitation soon.

    Contact your Account Manager to learn more.

    We Are Elevating Your CRM: Ellie Mae to Acquire Mortgage Returns
    On October 14, 2015, Ellie Mae® announced that we signed a definitive agreement to acquire Mortgage Returns, a leader in on-demand customer relationship management (CRM), and marketing automation solutions for the mortgage industry. 

    Mortgage Returns provides a database-driven automated marketing solution to help mortgage originators maximize profitability from clients, prospects and referral partners. Through the TRUE CRM® system, Mortgage Returns enables compliant and automated one-to-one marketing that delivers bottom-line results.

    We made this move to immediately bolster our Encompass® CRM offering and accelerate your ability to:

    Create and convert leads in a purchase-centric market
    Generate more loan volume/repeat business
    Keep data accurate and easily audited under a single system of record

    Mortgage Returns and their TRUE CRM are already integrated in Encompass. Now we’ll be taking big steps and working to expand that integration to make it increasingly seamless. 

    Contact your account manager to learn more.         

    Are You an Encompass Superhero? Show Us.
    Share your Encompass® Super Power. Tell us how you achieve super compliance, super efficiency and super profitability, and we’ll give you the chance to win an all-expenses paid trip to Experience 2016 at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

    By leveraging your power, you’ve maximized Encompass to take charge of compliance, boost efficiencies, and become super-profitable. Share your story and be entered to win. It’s worth it – the Experience trip is valued at $3,750, and complimentary registration is included.

    How? First we need to see the hero you are.

    Ellie Mae Origination Insights: September Credit Scores Fall, Refi Volume Up
    Credit scores on closed loans fell to their lowest level since Ellie Mae began reporting data in August 2011, according to our latest Origination Insight Report. The average FICO score on all closed loans fell to 723. Credit availability on refinances appears to have increased in Q3 of 2015 as the overall average FICO and DTI have loosened materially from Q2 of 2015.  

    “Average credit scores declined to the lowest levels we’ve seen since 2011,” said Jonathan Corr, president and CEO of Ellie Mae. “We are also seeing rates fall while the time to close is also decreasing. It will be interesting to see if these trends continue as we begin to see impacts from TRID.”    


    Banc Home Loans added to Encompass Product and Pricing Service
    Encompass Product & Pricing Service continues to expand its range of loan opportunities with the recent addition of Banc Home Loans (BHL).

    The Correspondent Lending Division of BHL, a division of Banc of California N.A. (NYSE: BANC), provides delegated and non-delegated correspondent customers with exceptional service and a full range of lending products, supported by the resources of a $6.5 billion, Tier One bank. 

    BHL helps customers grow their business with 48-hour underwriting turn times, immediate responses to loan scenarios, minimal overlays to all Agency guidelines (i.e., to 500 FICO on VA; 580 FICO on FHA) and 100% financing from Banc of California’s Warehouse Lending division. 

    BHL also offers a comprehensive Renovation Lending solution for FHA 203Ks and FNMA HomeStyle, as well as an expansive non-agency Jumbo Loan offering (to $5M; $1M cash-out, to 660 FICO, $85LTV no MI to $2M, and investment properties). 

    To learn more about BHL, contact Larry Maitlin at


    Certified Credit Reporting Now Available in Encompass
    Certified Credit Reporting (CCR) is a privately held, nationwide credit reporting firm serving the mortgage industry since 1984. In addition to credit services, CCR now offers flood services from directly within Encompass. With their innovative product offerings, creative pricing strategies and technological efficiencies, CC's customer-first focus has earned a stellar reputation by delivering accurate and timely reports and services seamlessly through Encompass. In addition, CCR’s excellent customer service goes beyond just the basics. 

    CCR’s FCRA trained staff is knowledgeable, cross-trained and highly skilled. The company has an uncompromising commitment to compliance, and is vendor under a Section 342 Vendor, which mandates  supplier diversity in the financial sector. 
    For emerging markets, such as Millennials, First-time Homebuyers, and the growing diverse ethnic demographic, CCR is able to help you attract and serve these unique markets with innovative products that anticipate opportunities and respond to regulations – and are continually being improved to help you do your job better.

    Contact your Account Manager to learn more about Certified Credit Reporting's Encompass integration.