April Encompass Report – Encompass CRM, Compliance Management System, Fannie Mae
Encompass REPORT

APRIL 2016
Get more business with integrated, mortgage-focused CRM

Who doesn’t want more new clients and repeat business? But we all know just implementing a CRM system can often be overly demanding, time consuming, and complex.

Good news: Encompass CRM is an automated solution specifically designed for the mortgage industry, and can help you:
  • Turn prospects into customers with one-to-one marketing
  • Keep customers coming back with personalized communications
  • Make smarter choices with effective business intelligence

Watch our on-demand webinar (and get access to the bonus eBook) to learn how next-gen Encompass CRM can help you generate better leads, build stronger relationships, and grow faster, all while staying compliant.

Compliance management systems: once a luxury, now a necessity

It’s clear the current legal environment has changed life for originators by making business more expensive. Additional time now has to be invested in licensing and education (not to mention credit and background checks) to ensure loan officers are qualified and ready to manage and meet compliance.

And how do most originators manage compliance? The answer can often be a touchy subject.

An effective, transparent, easily reportable CMS has now become a must-have component of any mortgage business instead of an afterthought. And that’s where the new Ellie Mae Compliance Management System™ comes in.

Read our whitepaper to get details on how the Ellie Mae Compliance Management System™ delivers the confidence needed to consistently demonstrate compliance with government regulations, corporate policies, and industry best practices — all from a single dashboard.

MBA Chairman Elect: Balancing New Tech with Risk Protection Key to Success

In a guest post on the Ellie Mae blog, Chairman Elect of the Mortgage Bankers Association Rodrigo Lopez explains what lenders can do to move their businesses forward in the face of three key issues currently facing the mortgage industry today.
Webinar: Get The Mortgage-Focused Business Intelligence Edge

Leverage key performance indicators and gain insight into your organization with business intelligence that delivers a competitive edge. Join our webinar on May 5th, "Get The Mortgage-Focused Business Intelligence Edge," to hear from a leading lender and learn how smarter business intelligence can help you to:
  • Increase pull through
  • Reduce cycle time
  • Drive more volume from the origination side
New Fannie Mae automation added to Encompass

The new 16.1 release of Encompass strengthens the integration of Fannie Mae’s EarlyCheck™ and Desktop Underwriter®, allowing lenders to automate more of their workflow when originating loans for the GSE. Enhancements include:
  • EarlyCheck for the ULDD file (available for the first time)
  • Streamlined ordering of Desktop Underwriter and EarlyCheck with fewer clicks
  • New automated workflow that calls DU and EC at key milestones and data changes
  • EC Findings available in conditions management and business rules

To learn more call 1.888.955.9100 or email sales@elliemae.com.

Freddie Mac integration in Encompass enhanced with new functionality

The latest release of Encompass also includes enhancements to the integration of Freddie Mac’s Loan Prospector®.  Lenders working with Loan Prospector in Encompass can now:
  • Access findings in conditions management and business rules
  • Streamlined ordering of Loan Prospector with fewer clicks
To learn more call 1.888.955.9100 or email sales@elliemae.com.

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