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Get Real Answers – Ask a Regulator

Ellie Mae® recently attended the American Association of Residential Mortgage Regulators (AARMR) Annual Conference to discuss the mortgage industry landscape and get answers to questions related to state compliance concerns. Ellie Mae submitted questions right to the source – the states’ regulators.  The answers received are now publicly available in the Ask a Regulator State Mortgage Compliance Q&A Summary.


Tools to Help Navigate the Upcoming
HMDA Changes

A host of HDMA changes are coming over the next few years. Proper preparation is essential, so Ellie Mae’s Compliance Experts assembled a wide range of educational materials. Visit Ellie Mae’s Compliance Central for insights about the updated HMDA regulation, Ellie Mae's plans to support it, and what your management and staff need to do to get ready.

A CIO’s Guide to Choosing an LOS

Ellie Mae retains a CIO Advisory Board of top IT executives from some of our most technically forward-looking lender clients. Recently, a panel of CIOs from the Advisory Board assembled to provide their perspective on key requirements for selecting a loan origination system. The panel generated a prioritized list, and Ellie Mae used these insights to create a CIO Buyers Guide. This guide is now available for download, and is essential reading for anyone considering a change in their LOS.

Why Veterans United Chose Encompass

“We needed a single LOS that offered scalability and would improve data integrity. Something designed for thousands of users, not hundreds.” - Gary Lee, chief technology officer, Veterans United Home Loans.

In 2009, Veterans United had 250 employees. By 2011 they had tripled in size. But before they could grow, they needed a scalable, all-in-one solution that would improve data integrity, boost efficiency and support their rapid expansion. A recently released case study takes a look at how – and why – they chose Encompass to handle their demands.


New Fannie Mae Workflow in Encompass Improves Efficiency, Data Integrity

A new automated workflow to utilize Desktop Underwriter® (DU®), the industry’s leading automated underwriting system, and EarlyCheck helps lenders identify and correct loan issues before delivery to Fannie Mae. Workflow users can set milestones and key data changes that will trigger automated submissions to DU and EarlyCheck.

Contact Ellie Mae to learn more.


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