Encompass NewsFlash: 17.2 is live, Tip of the Month, and More

What's New

Encompass 17.2 is Live and HMDA Ready

Dialed in for the 2018 HMDA changes, Encompass 17.2 is live. This major release features a wide range of improvements and enhancements to help you improve compliance, elevate efficiencies, and create even higher quality loans. Your recent Encompass 17.2 upgrades include:

         Support for 2018 HMDA reporting changes
         New criteria based auto-lock setting
         New auto-lock persona setting
         Added ability to run worst-case pricing for extended loans
         Withdrawn correspondent loan updates
         MBA pool updates

Read the Release Notes to learn more about what you can do with Encompass 17.2

Encompass Loan Officer Connect: Anywhere, Anytime, Any Device

Encompass Loan Officer Connect™ can help you seamlessly interact with Encompass and your clients from any device, anywhere, anytime. With it you can easily navigate to a loan file, and simply touch the contact’s name to call, text, or email. And there’s more – Encompass Loan Officer Connect empowers LOs to:

&nbnbsp;        Edit loan files, view contacts associated with the loan, and keep the loan moving
         Stay connected to your pipeline, alerts, lock expiration dates, and loan amounts
         Save data and select the next team member to work on the loan

A demo webinar was recently recorded and is now available on-demand. Watch it, and see what Encompass Loan Officer Connect can do for you.

Encompass User Tip of the Month: “Modifiers Are Your Friend”

Here’s a user tip from Alan McNamee, senior technical architect, Tavant Technologies: “When doing custom field calculations, modifiers are your friend! Here’s how they work.”

         [#1109]: The # key forces a numeric value to be returned. If the field cannot be
          converted to a number, the value 0 is returned.
         [-1109]: The - forces the field value to be returned as an unformatted string. For
          example, a typical numeric value might return “200000.00”.

     •    [+1109]: The + forces the field value to be returned as a formatted string. For
          example, a typical numeric value might return “200,000.00”. 
         [@1109]: The @ forces the field value to be returned as a date. If the field cannot be
          converted to a date, the date 1/1/1 is returned.

Milestone Marketing Ensures Effective, Timely CRM

Synch your CRM – automatically. Milestone Marketing is configured so that Encompass CRM™ users can start and stop campaigns based on the milestones they set in Encompass, and have the campaign sent to the borrower, the agent, or both. It’s simple: When a milestone is updated in Encompass, it updates in Encompass CRM. The two synch every 90 minutes, so you are always up to date and your CRM is timely, accurate, and effective.

Become an Elite Agent: Get Your License to Succeed and You May Win a $5000 Vacation

Elite skills, intelligence and technology: these are the essentials. With them, you can become an Elite Agent. So, do you have what it takes to climb the ranks of the Elite – and get entered in the drawing for a $5000 travel voucher? Then your mission – should you choose to accept it – requires signing up for your License to Succeed. Once signed up, you’ll be asked to join Ellie Mae Elite, a top group of advocates dedicated to sharing tips, best practices and their elite expertise – and be entered to win that $5000 vacation.

Appraisal Firewall Available in Encompass

Appraisal Firewall is a self-managed appraisal system where lenders can work with their trusted, local appraisers and AMCs all within one solution. Users get Appraisal Firewall's look and feel right within Encompass, so there is no rekeying of borrower or property data.

        Customize which appraisal fields and documents get delivered back to Encompass
        Have every appraisal automatically run through an underwriting ruleset to ensure
         appraisal standards are met

        Build customizable reports, including average turn times and pricing sheets for TRID
        Comply with Reg B with borrower e-delivery right from your Encompass order
        Help ensure you’re meeting all appraisal independent requirements
        Order AVMs and property conditions reports

Contact Appraisal Firewall today at 800-537-0760 or sales@appraisalfirewall.com to set up a demo.

NCS Third-Party Verifications Available in Encompass

As a longtime visionary in the verification space, NCS has viewed third-party verifications such as our TRV® Services and SSV solutions (4506-T/SSA-89 Processing) as functions to extract data. NCS arranges this data into simple to comprehend reports and data formats. Our partnership with Ellie Mae continues to simplify how quickly and easily we can deliver information to our clients. Available in Encompass, NCS provides:

         High availability 4506-T processing through the use of three IRS service centers
         Instantly available and customizable reports listing processing KPIs
         An IRS 4506-T acceptance rate more than seven percent higher than the national
         Industry leading turn-times for form SSA-89 & 4506-T processing
         Pending approval status for Fannie Mae’s Day 1 Certainty™ program

Verification solutions aren’t created equal. Take a risk free trial and discover why mortgage professionals have trusted their business needs to NCS for over 39 years.

Title Source Title & Settlement Services Available in Encompass

Title Source is integrated in Encompass, offering users free real-time quotes, the ability to schedule closings directly in the solution, and the efficiency of having data auto populate directly into their order. According to Title Source, 90% of users who watched the demo at Ellie Mae Experience 2017 said the integration could benefit their company and 100% found it user friendly.

Schedule a demo at TitleSource.com/encompass.

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