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Want more business? Get one-to-one marketing.

Stay in the spotlight with personalized, automated, one-to-one marketing. For example, the semi-annual loan review direct mail campaign – automatically delivered to your customer through Encompass CRM™ – presents a personalized loan analysis to your borrowers with recommendations about their current loan.

The loan review sets the stage for more business by positioning you as a trusted partner, and includes referral cards that are easy to pass along. And that’s just one of the marketing campaigns that Encompass CRM offers that enables lenders to achieve up to 90% higher loan officer production.

Whitepaper: Machine learning drives next-gen business intelligence

We’re changing the future of mortgage lending by enabling their customers to leverage machine learning and real-time data analytics to make better business decisions. Check out our recent whitepaper, “Smart Mortgage Lending: Advanced Business Intelligence for the Residential Mortgage Industry,” for insights into:
  • The current state of business intelligence solutions
  • Using data lakes for storage and machine learning
  • Next-generation data analytics 

The whitepaper is essential reading for forward-looking lenders seeking to know more about how machine learning will influence the future of business intelligence.

Webinar: Optimize your wholesale and correspondent channels

Optimized wholesale and correspondent channels can deliver tremendous benefits. These include elevated efficiencies, improved data security and accuracy, and the ability to close and purchase loans faster. Accomplishing this requires the right solution, one created to let third-party originators originate, process and monitor loans. We recently pulled together some of their Encompass TPO Connect™ experts for a webinar. They examined how lenders can:
  • Increase loan volume, efficiency, and profitability
  • Provide TPOs with a first-class online user experience
  • Easily customize and manage your TPO portal to your exact needs

The webinar was recorded, and is now available for viewing on-demand.

Maintaining policy manual compliance: a lower-cost solution

Keeping a complete, current set of policy manuals is a compliance necessity, one that is particularly important right now with the looming HMDA and UCD changes. AllRegs by Ellie Mae gives lenders the opportunity to comply with confidence. We maintain a comprehensive library of compliance regulations and procedures that are available on-demand and customizable by you. We are currently offering an AllRegs Policy Manual 4-Pack for a special price of $3250. This offer is timed to help lenders prepare for coming regulatory shifts.

Comply with confidence, elevate efficiencies, maximize ROI with Encompass

Generate more business, speed processing, reduce risk and gain marketplace advantage with Encompass. Encompass is an all-in-one mortgage management solution that helps navigate compliance, accelerate efficiencies, elevate ROI, and puts everything in a single system of record. It’s works harder so you can work smarter.

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