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Fannie Mae, Ellie Mae Integration Delivers Reduced Risk, Improved Efficiency

To provide the accurate intelligence and leading-edge technology essential for successful origination, Fannie Mae’s new Day 1 Certainty is now integrated in our Encompass® all-in-one mortgage management solution. Interested lenders can download the presentation from a recently recorded webinar overviewing how the integration can help originators gain freedom from reps/warrants, process faster with less risk for an improved the borrower experience, and keep data accurate, compliant, and secure in a single system of record.

Aligning Technologies: Merged Companies Implement Encompass in Just 60 Days

When Chemical Bank and Talmer Bank and Trust merged last year, they were faced with a massive challenge – aligning their technologies without interrupting the flow of business. This meant implementing Encompass and training over 350 people on the new system in just 60 days. By handling system enhancements up front, sticking to a proven implementation methodology and committing time and resources to the project, Chemical Bank and Ellie Mae delivered beyond expectation. A recently released case study, available for download, shows how this was achieved.

Encompass Consumer Connect Coming Soon

Combining a modern, digitally accessible experience for consumers with a customizable, compliant platform for lenders helps leads turn to loans faster, workflows become more efficient, and processes become paperless. Encompass Consumer Connect, coming soon and free for Encompass users, delivers just this. Accessible via any digital device, it gives consumers the freedom to complete applications and order services anywhere, anytime. Easily configurable, it lets lenders create guided, branded experiences that fit their specific business model, while automating compliance and data integrity. Ellie Mae prepared a short, informative video for lenders seeking more information.
Can Encompass Improve Your Compliance,
Quality & Efficiency?

Personalized Encompass demos are available. Anyone seeking to maximize their LOS’ ROI by automating compliance, loan quality, and workflow efficiencies is encouraged to learn more about Encompass – Ellie Mae’s all-in-one, fully integrated solution that delivers throughout the entire loan cycle.

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