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New Study: Encompass Generates Remarkable 697% ROI

MarketWise Advisors, LLC has released a new version of the ROI study of our Encompass® all-in-one mortgage management solution. The study revealed an average ROI of $967.67 per loan for mortgage firms and $1,084.58 per loan for banks and credit unions. The increase was attributable to increased productivity, level of feature/function use, and the application of advanced workflow and audit rules that streamline processes. 

“By using technology to automate the complex mortgage process, study participants realized an average annual return of 697 percent, that’s nearly seven dollars for every dollar invested,” said Jonathan Corr, Ellie Mae president and CEO. “In many cases, that’s the difference between profit and loss for lenders.”

The study, conducted from the second through the fourth quarters of 2016, is a follow-up to the first MarketWise ROI study of Encompass conducted in 2014.

Encompass Loan Officer Connect: Keynote Video Now Available

Encompass Loan Officer Connect™ is now available, ready to help lenders use their digital devices to keep loans moving by accessing real-time results, delivering superior customer service, and speeding processing. It is a robust solution, but one that is remarkably easy to use.

To illustrate, check out our Encompass Loan Officer Connect keynote demo from our Experience 2017 conference. Viewers can see a hands-on demonstration showing how they can seamlessly interact with Encompass and clients from anywhere, anytime, on any device.

Get State Compliance Answers From the Source

Our customers had state licensing questions. We took them to the National Mortgage Licensing System (NMLS) Annual Conference and got answers straight from the regulators. Take a look at our Ask a Regulator State Licensing Q&A summary to see what they said.

The Clock Is Ticking: Get Ahead of HMDA with the Right Preparation

The deadline for new HMDA collection and reporting requirements and timelines is closing in. Lenders need to be ready before it lands, so that means preparing now. We just released an on-demand webinar featuring HMDA compliance and CFPB experts discussing the updated regulation in detail and overviewing key ways to prepare. The webinar covers:

         HMDA’s looming impact, and what lenders should be thinking about today
         Specific parts of the rule that warrant a closer look
         What executives, admins, and organizations should be doing to prepare

Speakers sharing insights include:

         Tom Kearney, Partner, Akerman LLP (Formerly HMDA team lead, CFPB)
         Josh Weinberg, EVP Compliance, First Choice Loan Services
         John Haring, Director, Compliance Enablement, Ellie Mae

See Why All-in-One Delivers More ROI

The data proves it – the Encompass all-in-one mortgage management solution delivers maximum ROI at all stages of the loan process. But the fastest, easiest way to find out? See it for yourself with a personalized demo. Schedule one now.
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