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Encompass: How the TRUE Digital Mortgage Maximizes ROI 

The mortgage process should be digital – all of it, every step of the way. Our powerful Encompass® Digital Mortgage Solution provides a comprehensive digital workflow that lowers costs and allows lenders to originate more loans and reduce time to close. By digitizing the entire process – from lead generation all the way through automated investor delivery – Encompass’ helps lenders save up to $1,331 savings and operational improvement per loan*. See how it can move you ahead with a personalized demo.

* The ROI of Ellie Mae’s Encompass All-in-one Mortgage Management Solution, MarketWise Advisors, LLC, 2017
The Power Couple that Can Power More Profits: Sales Acceleration + Marketing Automation

With a $7,500 cost per loan, $5,000 is spent on sales and marketing* – almost 70% of the total origination cost. This means accelerating the sales process and automating one-to-one marketing can have a huge impact on the bottom line and help maximize ROI.

Ellie Mae’s recent acquisition of Velocify®, the leading sales engagement platform, brings together leading technologies to increase lenders’ ability to convert leads quickly, and do so at a significant savings. Our recent research study, Sales Lead Response outlines optimal contact strategies and illustrates how successful sales teams are responding to their leads. 
With Encompass CRM, our marketing automation platform enabling one-to-one marketing and relationship management, lenders can dramatically increase marketing effectiveness and generate more business from referral partners – all within compliance. Check out our five marketing tips and learn more in our ebook
Sales acceleration and marketing automation: Some things are just better together. 

Want to know more? Contact our team to discuss Velocify or Encompass CRM

*Source: MBA and Stratmor 

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