What's New
Major release coming soon: Encompass 18.3

Geared to keep you ahead of the game, Encompass 18.3 is built to handle the October 1, 2018 final implementation of the Know Before You Owe 2 (KBYO2) rule changes to the initial RESPA-TILA Integrated Mortgage Disclosure Rules.

This is a major release, with KBYO2–ready features including:
  • Improved workflow for disclosing to Non-Borrowing Owners
  • Support for tolerance cures using Principal Reduction
And new fee level Change of Circumstance management tools:
  • The ability to document changes on an individual fee basis
  • Enhanced logic for calculating baselines
You can now access the Get Ready for Encompass Consumer Connect webinar. 

During this webinar our product experts covered how Encompass Consumer Connect can help you:
  • Extend your brand presence online
  • Improve customer experience
  • Lower origination costs
  • Simplify the loan process
UCD readiness: How to avoid Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac funding delays

The GSE UCD (Uniform Closing Dataset) Mandate is here. Starting June 25, 2018, UCD files submitted to the GSEs without the embedded Closing Disclosure will receive a fatal/critical edit and will not be eligible for sale to Fannie Mae or Freddie Mac. To help you properly embed your closing disclosure PDFs, we put together a simple “How To” overview to help guide you through the process. 
Make the switch: New version of Freddie Mac Loan Product Advisor® in Encompass

Since Loan Product Advisor® web-to-web is soon to be retired, the simpler, better-integrated Loan Product Advisor System-to-System (S2S) will soon be your only option. Built right into Encompass, Loan Product Advisor S2S simplifies every step of the loan life cycle with:
  • No separate login and more automated results
  • Seamless integration that’s always in sync with Encompass
  • Easier navigation with fewer clicks to get what you need
That’s just part of what you get when you make the S2S switch. Sign up below, set it up, then watch our video to learn more.
Data Sharing is easy with Freddie Mac Loan Advisor Suite® Correspondent Assignment Center

Correspondent Assignment Center lets correspondents instantly share data and documents with aggregators across the entire loan manufacturing process. If your aggregator uses Correspondent Assignment Center, you can also use it to share loans with them – individually or in batches of up to 500 – from the Encompass Pipeline view. Make it part of your game. Register, set up, find answers and advice, then get rolling with Freddie Mac's innovative data sharing solution.
Webinar: Better automation nets better productivity

Watch our recently recorded Increasing Productivity Through Ellie Mae Total Quality Loan® (TQL®) webinar and learn how better automation can increase your productivity. Watch and learn:
  • How automated service ordering can speed processing and improve loan quality 
  • New approaches for improving digital underwriting workflows and practices
  • Ways to configure Encompass for greater workflow automation
TQL's best-practice workflow ensures a high level of quality, compliance, and efficiency throughout the entire loan lifecycle – automatically. Discover how it works and what it can deliver for you.
Is your business prepared for changing guidelines?

Change brings challenges, and when it comes to industry guidelines staying on top of what’s new can mean the difference between success and failure. Read our short blog post, then follow the links to our recently recorded webinar and find out how technology can help you to automatically keep up with shifting guidelines along with mitigating risk.
Ellie Mae Resource Center: Try these new self service tools

Ellie Mae is excited to announce some new tools that are now available on our Resource Center!

State Disclosure Matrix - Ability to look up initial disclosures by state, federal, and more.
Click here to see a video tutorial.

Encompass Field Lookup - Search for Encompass field information based on Field ID, Field Name, Encompass Location, and Field Type.
Click here to see a video tutorial.

Compliance Rule Header Look Up - Locate resolutions options for Mavent/Compliance failures.
Click here to see a video tutorial.

How do I access these tools?
From the Resource Center homepage, go to Key Resources > Self Service Tools.
Case Study: Encompass TPO Connect increases loan productivity by 25%

“We saw as much as a 25% increase in operational efficiency within the first 90 days of implementation” – Steve Kolker, Senior Vice President, Production Management AmeriHome Mortgage Company, LLC
Read our recent case study. Discover how Encompass TPO Connect™ helped AmeriHome increase their loan productivity by 25%, and how it could boost your loan volume and profitability with Third Party Originators.
Encompass Loan Officer Connect: Access and leverage new features

With last month’s 18.2 release, we added some powerful new features to Encompass Loan Officer Connect™. Specifically designed to elevate efficiencies and help you close loans faster, some highlights include:
  • Optimal Blue pricing support
  • Support for loan submissions to Fannie Mae Desktop Underwriter®
  • Support for loan submissions to Freddie Mac's Loan Product Advisor®, where users can request automated underwriting results from within a loan
  • Borrower pair decision score and loan decision score provided after ordering credit
  • Loan officer eSigning within the mobile view
  • Access and management of incomplete Encompass Consumer Connect™ applications
And there’s a lot more. Read the release notes, and discover all the ways we made LO Connect better.
Encompass Data Connect: Leverage powerful analytics for better business decisions

“Getting access to all our Encompass loan data immediately with Encompass Data Connect™ now allows us to dive deep into analytics and deliver more accurate and consistent reporting across APMC’s management team.” – Michele Buschman, VP Information Systems, American Pacific Mortgage

Encompass Data Connect delivers near real-time access to all of your loan data, so you get actionable insights fast. Arrange a personalized demo, and find out how it can help you make faster, smarter, and better business decisions. 
Encompass Developer Connect

In a recent webinar, AJ Franchi, COO at Goldstar Mortgage Financial, shared how he changed the way he does business using Encompass Developer Connect™ and APIs. Results include:
  • Loan officers can focus on how to increase their pipeline – not babysit loans
  • Improved communications between the various individuals throughout the loan lifecycle
  • Increased borrower satisfaction with real-time communication
  • Reduced surprises by adding more predictability to the process
Watch the webinar, and see how he made technology work better for him and learn how you can make it happen for you.  
ECL Software’s Fund Control now integrated within Encompass

Fund Control, the powerful construction loan administration, disbursement, and risk mitigation solution is now integrated with Encompass. With just a few clicks you can send construction loan information and documents directly into Fund Control to automatically manage changes, documents, inspections, and disbursements. If construction loans are a part of your business, this is an integration to embrace.
Advanced Data’s Encompass Portal now features Verification of Assets

Advanced Data’s latest Encompass release now has Verification of Assets (VOA), allowing you to easily import borrower account information at minimal cost. Accepted by Fannie Mae for Day 1 Certainty, the new VOA allows for unlimited refresh of the data for up to 60 days. VOA comes on the heels of Advanced Data’s proprietary fintech, eVoE™. Also available via the Encompass portal, it lets you order VOE securely and efficiently, with a turn-around-time historically faster than traditional verifications of employment.

Key features of the Advanced Data Encompass portal include:
  • Order multiple products simultaneously
  • Check status and send messages without leaving Encompass™
  • Send requests for eVoE™, which allows employers to complete verification of employment entirely online
Visit Advanced Data's Encompass page for a demo video and more information on how the Advanced Data portal can improve your Encompass experience.