April 2019
Product News
Encompass 19.2 lands soon – See what’s coming
Encompass 19.2 is coming soon, and the release notes are available now. This major release’s features and enhancements will include:

  • Support for non-borrower funded buydowns
  • Changed Circumstance enhancements
  • Loan package delivery with Encompass Investor Connect™
  • New option to include the finance charge on HELOC payments
Big changes are coming to URLA. Start preparing now.
We are facing one of the biggest industry changes to hit the market in the last 20 years. Are you ready? Count on us as your trusted partner to get you prepared for the new URLA. Visit our URLA Readiness Page, join the “I LOVE URLA” email list, and get the latest implementation strategies, updates, and resources for a seamless transition.
ULDD Phase 3 update and reminder
Effective May 20, 2019, loans with application received dates on or after January 1, 2019, must meet the ULDD Phase 3 requirements. We have worked with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to implement necessary changes. Make sure you are on Encompass 19.2 in order to meet the Phase 3 requirements. You can find more information about ULDD Phase 3 for Fannie Mae here and for Freddie Mac here.
Service Pack update: VA requirement support now in Encompass®
The just-released Encompass 19.1 April Service Pack includes support for the new VA requirements mandated by VA-Guaranteed Cash-Out Refinancing Home Loans Circular 26-19-05. Updates include a new Cash-Out Refinance tab for existing and new Encompass fields, including free entry, read-only, and calculated fields.
Encompass Data® Connect Update
In addition to driving smarter business decisions by leveraging real-time access to all of your loan data, Encompass Data Connect now gives you the ability to reduce buyback risks and improve loan quality with the introduction of our new, powerful loan audit capability.
Education & Services
See how the Encompass Digital Lending Platform Is Boosting Your ROI
Great ROI news – we found out that using the Encompass Digital Lending Platform lowers the cost of origination by an average of $813 per loan. Take a look at the summary of our independent MarketWise Advisors study, see how digital is working to boost your ROI, and get your own custom analysis.
See the whole list of new URLA educational offerings
Don’t wait to prepare for the URLA. We’ll be here every step of the way to make sure you have the education you need to plan for the transition. Register now for one or more of our URLA prep courses including:

  • On-demand eLearning course - The new URLA: What’s different?
  • On-demand extended eLearning course – Completing the New URLA
  • On-demand video overview – The New URLA: Encompass Highlights

Visit Ellie Mae Academy, accessible through the Resource Center, for more information on this and more.
Free Fannie Mae courses now available in Ellie Mae Academy
View six free Fannie Mae courses for Underwriters, Processors and Loan Officers now available in Ellie Mae Academy. Courses include Underwriting Manufactured Homes, Implementing Day 1 Certainty and more!  Log in for complete course details.
Flex Services: Support & training on your time – URLA included
Get help with Encompass tasks and projects when it works for you – including URLA support. Set up customized consulting hours with Flex Services on a monthly basis so you can get training and support on a schedule that won’t interrupt your business’s flow.
AllRegs® Professional Development Courses: It’s time to take your next step
AllRegs has courses that take you beyond the mortgage. Learn to pitch like a pro, kickstart your pipeline, leverage the science of sales success – and more. Visit the new AllRegs homepage, purchase classes as a package or by the class, or – if you’re already our AEP client – just add them on as an upgrade. To get started, contact your AllRegs Account Manager today.
Bridging the Gap Between Correspondent Lenders & Investors
Join our discussion as we talk about the impact of Encompass Investor Connect and show you how to get started today. In this value-packed session, you will learn:

  • How to configure Encompass Investor Connect and enable users to access the service
  • What time savings and other benefits you can expect as a result of using Encompass Investor Connect
  • How easy it is to start delivering loans through Encompass Investor Connect
Thursday, April 25th | 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET
Encompass TPO Connect 19.2 Release Overview
Register today for the Encompass TPO Connect 19.2 Major Release webinar. We’ll cover enhancements to help you boost productivity across your wholesale and correspondent channels including:

  • A new fee management and loan estimate request workflow
  • Support for Desktop Underwriter Case File IDs
  • Support for four additional credit service providers
  • Secure scripting enhancements
Tuesday, May 14th | 11:00am PT / 2:00pm ET
Regional User Group 2019: RUG Sessions off to a great start
Connect and learn with other Encompass users in your area at one of our Ellie Mae Regional User Group (RUG) Sessions. These limited-enrollment half-day sessions bring together you and your local peers to learn from Ellie Mae experts, share best practices, and build your networks. Sign up to be notified if there's a RUG event near you!
Here’s upcoming dates and cities:

  • May 21 – Ft. Lauderdale
  • June 13 – Chicago
  • July 16 – NY/NJ
Here’s a taste of what happened at the Atlanta RUG:
Getting into the fast lane at the Experience 2019 Developer Summit
The first ever Developer Summit at Experience 19 was a huge success.
  Partner News
Quote Real Estate Taxes Instantly with Expanded LodeStar Integration
LodeStar Software Solutions recently expanded its Encompass integration, so you can instantly quote real estate taxes for any residential property in the country. And there’s more. Now you can:

  • Calculate the escrow amount and seller credits based on the closing date
  • Determine due dates based on the specific municipality
  • Seamlessly import all data into the 2015 Itemization tab

And you’ll do it all without leaving Encompass.
Cool Customers
Connect, innovate, & have some fun: Join Ellie Mae Elite
Join the Encompass users and innovators online community at Ellie Mae Elite, our unique place for engagement and education. You’ll interact during product discussions, collaborate to fine-tune your skill sets, suggest ideas for training track content, and take quizzes to prove – and show off – your product knowledge. Sign up now and join the Elite.
Congrats again to our Hall of Fame customers for 2019!