Client Testimonials

Waterstone Mortgage Corp. Testimonial Clients Page

Waterstone Mortgage Corp.

Mortgage lender

Eric Egenhoefer, President & CEO, explains the positive impact of Encompass as a single system of record has on the day-to-day management of his business.

George Mason Mortgage - Andria Lightfoot

George Mason Mortgage

Full-service lender

Andria Lightfoot, Sr. Systems Administrator, relates how the Encompass all-in-one solution delivers greater visibility and control.

George Mason Mortgage - Heidi Wlasiuk

George Mason Mortgage

Full-service lender

Heidi Wlasiuk, Sr. Systems Administrator, talks about how her company created improved data capture and compliance with Encompass.

On Q Financial - Christy

On Q Financial

Home loan corporation

Christy Rushing, SVP, relates how using the SaaS version of Encompass allows her team to focus on their core competencies as a business.

Columbus Capital Lending Testimonial Clients Page

Columbus Capital Lending

Mortgage lender

Jorge Vidaurraazaga, VP of Information Technology, explains why Encompass is the hot fudge sundae of mortgage solutions and how it helped his company grow through a completely streamlined mortgage process.

TruHome Solutions Testimonial Clients Page

TruHome Solutions

Full-service mortgage company

Shara Wessel, VP of Mortgage Solutions, discusses how the integrated features and services in Encompass combine to help TruHome get their customers to the closing table faster.

American Financial Network - Daniel Jacobs

American Financial Network

Mortgage bank

Daniel Jacobs, Division President, describes the benefits of using a fully integrated solution, including greater transparency and better compliance.

Good Mortgage Testimonial

Mortgage lender

Keith Leudeman, CEO, explains how his company uses Encompass to improve both loan quality and customer satisfaction.

Leader One Financial - Jamie Schroepfer

LeaderOne Financial

Mortgage lender

Jamie Schroepfer, Business Analyst, discusses the increased efficiencies, improved loan quality, and reliable processing achieved after implementing Encompass.

First Choice Loan Services - Joshua

First Choice Loan Services

Multi-state mortgage lender

Joshua Weinberg, SVP, describes how having a single system of record reduces loan review cycles and analysis, saving the company both time and money.

Peoples National Bank Testimonial Clients Page

Peoples National Bank

National Bank

Rebecca Wentz, Senior Trader, details how Encompass helps her save more than $150,000 in leakage and suspension costs every month.

Prosperity Home Mortgage Testimonial Clients Page

Prosperity Home Mortgage

Full-service mortgage bank

Becky Helvey, SVP, Administration, tells us how they increased their loan volume by more than 40% in one year without hiring additional staff.

First Choice Loan Services

First Choice Loan Services

Multi-state mortgage lender

Terry Chung, SVP of Business Solutions, details the how Encompass’ compliance and configurability controls help establish and enforce effective policies and procedures.

American National Bank Testimonial Clients Page

American National Bank

Privately-owned bank

Annette Uleman, VP of Mortgage Processing/Closing, explains how Encompass ensures efficiency up and down the mortgage process with configurable workflows, customizable forms, real-time reporting and data integrity.

Happy State Mortgage Testimonial Clients Page

Happy State Mortgage

Bank & Trust

Lonnie Granado, VP, Mortgage Operations Manager, describes how Encompass’ configurability allows them to provide a consistently high level of service to their customers.

LeaderOne Financial - Michael Brady

LeaderOne Financial

Mortgage lender

Michael Brady, EVP/CIO, talks about improving data integrity and creating growth with real-time visibility and all-inclusive compliance management.

Gold Star Financial

Gold Star Financial

Multi-state mortgage lender

AJ Franchi, CIO, discusses how Encompass helped his company reduce overall loan processing time and post-closing errors.

Bank of St. Charles

First State Bank of St. Charles

Community bank

Shawn Overton, Mortgage Information Systems Officer, talks about how Encompass enabled his lenders to reduce loan booking time from an hour to 30 minutes.

Wyndham Testimonial Clients Page

Wyndham Capital Mortgage

Mortgage lender

Jeff Douglas, CEO, discusses using Encompass as a technology hub to grow the business and reduce the cost of compliance.

University Federal Credit Union - Christine Adams

University Federal Credit Union

Christine Adams, Sr. Manager Mortgage Operations, explains the competitive advantage Encompass delivers with its open architecture and single system of record.

VanDyk Mortgage Corporation Testimonial Clients Page

VanDyk Mortgage Corporation

Mortgage lender

Patrick VanderVeen, Chief Information Administrator, tells us how Encompass, as an all-in-one, customizable solution, allows VanDyk to focus on serving their customers and innovate their business.

ONQ Financial - David

On Q Financial

Home loan corporation

David Rapson, SVP, describes how Encompass helps the company monitor business processes and stay up-to-date with compliance.

Catalyst Lending - Jeannene Derback

Catalyst Lending

Multi-state mortgage lender

Jeannene Derback, Business Analyst, discusses the accurate, quick disclosures, full visibility, and ease of use achieved after implementing Encompass.