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Ready for years of upcoming HMDA changes? We’ve got your back with a range of resources, including our HMDA brief, whitepaper, FAQ, and on-demand and live webinars.

Learn all you need from Ellie Mae compliance experts about the updated regulation, how Ellie Mae is supporting the regulation, and gain insight on what your management and staff need to be doing now to get ready.

  • HMDA: Policy Manual

    The 2015 HMDA Final Rule changes become effective between 2017 and 2020. An effort has been made within this policy to provide sufficient coverage of current requirements in effect through December 31, 2017.

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  • HMDA: The New Frontier of Reporting

    Get ready for years of upcoming changes. Download the whitepaper now to understand what’s changing and how to ensure continued compliance success.

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  • Upcoming HMDA Changes

    Get a quick and essential primer on how to prepare and what Ellie Mae is doing to get you ready.

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  • Prepare for the New HMDA Regulation

    Get insights from Ellie Mae compliance experts and plans to support.

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Rely on our compliance experts

Ellie Mae’s industry-recognized compliance experts and counsel ensure our clients remain successful in an increasingly complex and controlled mortgage market. They regularly collaborate with the CFPB, GSEs and mortgage investors to analyze and interpret federal, state and local regulations to ensure Ellie Mae’s technology is properly updated so our clients can automate compliance with new rules the moment they take effect.

Helmed by Angela Cheek, one of HousingWire’s 2013 Women of Influence, Ellie Mae compliance team members are frequent panelists and guests at industry events, including the MBA’s Annual, Regulatory and Technology conferences.

Angela Cheek


VP & Counsel,
Product Compliance

John Haring


Compliance Enablement

Richard Triplett


VP, Director of Compliance

Compliance Resource Library

The Compliance Resource Library houses a number of useful tools and resources to help you learn about the industry and the role Encompass plays in helping you comply with changing rules and regulations, realize operational efficiencies, and make high-quality loans. Here, you’ll find whitepapers, webinars, datasheets, case studies and more.