Professional Consulting Services

Attain definitive business goals with the help of vetted Encompass and industry experts

Go Paperless

Increase efficiency, save money and go green by taking your Encompass environment completely paperless. You'll be able to manage all your borrower documents electronically and allow borrowers to conveniently sign documents and upload them directly into the eFolder. After a thorough investigation, your consultant will recommend steps to increase usage of our imaging platform, enhance your settings, and optimize your workflow to reduce paper and processing times.

Health Check

The Health Check is for clients who have been using Encompass for six months or longer. Your Ellie Mae consultant will work with you to discover additional system benefits that can increase productivity. You will identify opportunities for educating your Encompass system administrators to use and work within Encompass more effectively.

Professional Consulting

Onsite consulting is available for the following services to help you fully leverage your Encompass solution:

  • Assistance in onsite testing and configuration during implementation.
  • Additional onsite support after implementation.
  • Creation of custom reports, dashboards, input forms or screens, and printed forms and documents.
  • Writing of advanced business rules.

Custom Solutions and Integrations

Ellie Mae consultants can also deliver customized integrations based on your needs, including:

GinnieNet Extract

Ensure efficiency and accuracy by automatically generating the GinnieNet proprietary pool request file. This solution uses a batch long interface in conjuntion with default tools within Encompass Secondary Trade Management and the Encompass Software Development Kit (SDK) to create an extract for subsequent uploads to GinnieNet web services.

DMI Extract

Ensure efficiency and accuracy by automatically generating the boarding request file for Dovenmuehle (DMI). This solution uses a batch loan interface to manage the export of proprietary file types as defined by the third-party provider.

Data Warehouse

Gain local access to Encompass data for distribution to third party partners and various reports. This solution automates the transfer of loan-level data to a local SQL database on a scheduled basis, using the Encompass SDK.

Cenlar Integration

Leveraging the Encompass SDK, this solution enables loan files to be sent to Cenlar on an on-demand basis and gives users an interface within Encompass to perform the export.