Advisory Consulting

Solve problems faster and fire on all cylinders. Leverage our experience from thousands of deployments across the mortgage spectrum to ensure optimum performance using true digital mortgage and industry best practices.

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If you aren’t sure you’re getting the most out of Encompass, you’re not.

Why choose Ellie Mae Advisory Consulting?

Increase your Encompass ROI

We provide solutions and best practices to help you get the most out of Encompass so you can originate more loans, lower costs, and reduce time to close.

Get industry-leading expertise

Our experts are focused exclusively on the mortgage industry and have direct access to the latest Encompass technology and insights into future releases and enhancements.

Free up valuable staff resources

Let us handle the heavy lifting so you can keep your focus on where it belongs: closing loans and serving borrowers.

System Assessment

Encompass not performing like it used to? Workflow just not working? Let our experts get to the heart of the matter so you can close loans faster and speed ahead of the competition. Offerings include:

  • Encompass Health Check – Get an in-depth review of your workflow and Encompass configuration, along with detailed recommendations for improvement. Recommended annually. Watch Video
  • Workflow Review – Have your current or desired workflow examined and receive recommendations for true operational and digital mortgage efficiency.
  • Settings Review – Ensure your Encompass settings are properly aligned with your business and lending models.

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Gold Star Health Check Case Study

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Denali Federal Credit Union Case Study

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Operational Readiness

Get the expert insights you need to make sure you’re operating like a modern mortgage lender. Offerings include:

  • Incremental Activities to Support Implementation – Provides support needed beyond basic Encompass implementation, including for business rules, input forms, and additional products/programs.
  • Advanced Configurations – Assists existing Encompass customers with system configurations for business rules, custom input forms, and additional products/programs.
  • Going Paperless – Provides analysis and configuration of Encompass and the Encompass eFolder to support a paperless workflow.
  • Reports & Dashboards – We’ll create and configure Encompass reports and dashboards, KPIs, and productivity metrics to drive operational efficiencies.

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Professional Consulting

Available onsite or remote, our highly-skilled consultants can help you automate more of the mortgage process and tackle business-as-usual activities or special tasks and initiatives, including:

  • Staff Augmentation – Critical and timely expertise to help you fill resource or staffing gaps.
  • Admin Enablement – Providing experienced Encompass Admin Experts to help enable, coach, mentor, and problem-solve with your local System Administrator one-on-one so they can achieve their best.
  • Testing/Configuration – Assistance for creating test plans/use cases and customer-directed testing.
  • Triage/Remediation – Support for triage/remediation of test findings or issues in Encompass production environment.  Recommended for major Encompass releases and newly implemented customers.
  • Advanced Business Rules – We’ll build, test, deliver, and document business rules as defined by the customer’s business requirements.
  • Custom Input Forms – We’ll build, test, and deliver the architecture and configuration of a custom input form to meet a specific business requirement.
  • Customer Directed Hours – Provide assistance for improving Encompass and implementing Health Check recommendations, among other customer needs.
  • Design & Implementation – Assists with the design and implementation of required changes to drive recurring annual benefit.
  • ULDD Automation – We’ll build, test, and deliver customizations for ULDD efficiencies, based on a customer’s unique requirements.

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Advisory Consulting Flex Services


Advisory Consulting – Service Packages


System Optimization

Enhance Encompass’ capabilities to originate and close loans and top speed. Offerings include:

  • Customization Analysis – Includes the evaluation of current customizations and provides recommendations for improvements.
  • Dynamic Data Mapping (DDM) – Assists customers with this new Encompass functionality and provides recommendations for leveraging within their production environment.
  • Input Form Builder – Provides support for creating custom and advanced input forms, based on a customer’s business requirements or desired workflow.
  • Encompass WebCenter™ & Encompass Consumer Connect® Initiatives – Assists customers with configuration of Encompass WebCenter or Encompass Consumer Connect.
  • Leveraging Services through Encompass – assist clients with configuration and testing, development of job aids, and tracking and reporting for applicable services including DU, EarlyCheck, LPA, LQA, TQL, Day 1 Certainty, as well as Automated GSE Services Ordering for DU and EarlyCheck, LPA, LQA.
  • eFolder Optimization – Evaluates and updates documents, conditions, stacking templates, document export templates to optimize document management.
  • Reboot – Want to start from scratch? We can help.

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Mergers & Acquisitions

Leverage years of mortgage industry and Encompass expertise to get critical support for navigating mergers and acquisition challenges surrounding timing, organizational structure, technology migrations, loan pipelines, and vendor management. We provide support for:

  • Due Diligence – Understand the impacts to your loan origination system, workflows, processes, and related technology for a pending M&A transaction.
  • Gap Analysis – Uncover critical gaps between the two companies’ loan origination system workflow and configurations, or between existing and target states for applicable customers.
  • Process Reengineering – Properly assess current Encompass settings and configurations to help improve workflow efficiency and automation. Also includes a reboot or reimplementation, if needed.
  • Broker to Banker Conversion – Simplify your move from a broker to banker technology platform and be able to fully leverage the capabilities of your new solution.

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Chemical Bank Case Study

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New Initiatives

Get expert advice and best practices for implementing new lending channels or launching new products. Offerings include:

  • New Product Offerings – Provides assistance for onboarding new loan programs, including forms, templates, business rules, and documents.
  • New Channel Readiness & Encompass Build Out – Provides assistance for onboarding new channels, including forms, templates, business rules, and documents.
  • Home Equity – Helps customers leverage existing Encompass functionality for home equity loan and HELOC lending.
  • HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage – Helps customers launch the HomeStyle Renovation Mortgage product, including related forms, templates, business rules, and documents.
  • Construction & CTP Lending – Provides Encompass-based templates, workflows, configurations, and tools to support construction and construction-to-permanent programs.
  • Consumer Lending – Provides Encompass-based custom solutions for consumer lending products.
  • Commercial Lending – Provides Encompass-based custom solutions for commercial lending products.
  • Project/Program Management – Provides incremental support to customer for project/program management assistance related to Encompass.
  • HMDA Assistance – Support for Ellie Mae's recommended setup for HMDA 2018 regulations and best practices for using Encompass’ HMDA workflow and settings.

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