Supplemental Staffing

Available onsite or remote, our highly-skilled consultants can help you automate more of the mortgage process and tackle business-as-usual activities or special tasks and initiatives.

Offerings include:

  • Staff Augmentation – Critical and timely expertise to help you fill resource or staffing gaps.
  • Admin Enablement – Providing experienced Encompass Admin Experts to help enable, coach, mentor, and problem-solve with your local System Administrator one-on-one so they can achieve their best.  
  • Testing/Configuration – Assistance for creating test plans/use cases and customer-directed testing.  
  • Triage/Remediation – Support for triage/remediation of test findings or issues in Encompass production environment.  Recommended for major Encompass releases and newly implemented customers.  
  • Advanced Business Rules – We’ll build, test, deliver, and document business rules as defined by the customer’s business requirements.    
  • Custom Input Forms – We’ll build, test, and deliver the architecture and configuration of a custom input form to meet a specific business requirement.    
  • Customer Directed Hours – Provide assistance for improving Encompass and implementing Health Check recommendations, among other customer needs.
  • Design & Implementation – Assists with the design and implementation of required changes to drive recurring annual benefit.  
  • ULDD Automation – We’ll build, test, and deliver customizations for ULDD efficiencies, based on a customer’s unique requirements.


“Our consultant not only showed us what the industry benchmarks were, but how trimming the number of personas we had in place would help performance. Those little changes made a big difference.”

Mark Langhans
Union Home Mortgage